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Report: Tony Khan Will Not Grant Any AEW Talent Releases

Report: Tony Khan Will Not Grant Any AEW Talent Releases

Views: 52 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

Reportedly, AEW sent an email to WWE co-CEOs Nick Khan and Stephanie McMahon to warn them 'not to temper' their talent after an AEW wrestler notified the company that a WWE agent approached them concerning a potential return.

Such as later reported that AEW talent Malakai Black questioned being allowed out of his contract, whereas he has since refused that. Obviously Black, FTR, and Swerve Strickland were some of the guys in AEW that WWE is making approach to them for returning under Triple H's reign whether the former creative Vince McMahon got retirement.

Even Dave Meltzer reported while taking on Wrestling Observer Radio, that AEW President Tony Khan will not be granting any releases.

As Meltzer noted:

"Nobody’s getting released. That’s the doctrine. Tony Khan made that very clear I guess in the last couple of days. Now it’s just, he’s (Black) not being released, Buddy Matthews isn’t being released. Now they may be back sooner than before, whatever. That's the situation. I think they both wanted to go and tried to get a way out, and it’s what we talked about last night.

That's the decision that was made. It’s not to say it’s hard and fast, and there’d be no way they’d ever give anybody a release, but I think it’s pretty much the deal that if this happened in the other company, would those people get releases? and the answer is no. They signed the contract, so basically, now, their option is to sit at home, and he (Khan) can extend the contract if they sit at home, or wrestle. So now they’re gonna wrestle."

Further, Meltzer also added that everyone you would think WWE would go after having a previous working relationship with Triple H they went after.

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