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Report: Sasha Banks Scheduled To Wrestle And Lose To Ronda Rousey At Hell In A Cell

Report: Sasha Banks Scheduled To Wrestle And Lose To Ronda Rousey At Hell In A Cell

Views: 692 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir has reported more updates regarding the walkout, made by Sasha Banks and Naomi.

According to PWInsider, the originally conceived finish was that the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions would face off during the main event of Raw in the Six Pack Challenge, with Naomi beating Banks to end the match.

The original plan for Raw would have seen Banks and Naomi featured in two or three segments building up the idea that they would be facing off in the Six Pack Challenge. Raw would have gone off the air with the pair celebrating that Naomi was going to face Belair at the Hell in the Cell PPV.

The conceived storyline idea was that Naomi would then go on to Hell In A Cell and lose to Bianca Belair. At this week’s Smackdown, an angle would have also been shot for Sasha Banks to wrestle and lose to Ronda Rousey, likely also at HIAC.

WAt some point during the day, likely after the initial concerns about creative were raised, there was an alternative idea that would have been Banks and Naomi have a short tag team match instead and be beat down after to set up a different program. Their opponents would have been Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop but we have not 100% confirmed that to be the case.

Shortly before Raw, Banks and Naomi were informed by WWE Producer Molly Holly that WWE was going with the Six Pack Challenge direction with Naomi going over. Shortly after, they informed John Laurinaitis they were leaving, leaving the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship belts behind.

Vince McMahon, sitting at the gorilla position was told about the talents leaving just as or right after Raw went on the air. The Becky Lynch-Adam Pearce segment was pitched on the spot and Vince McMahon ordered it to be shot and then placed into the show to start explaining the change to the by-now announced Raw main event.

The creative issue was not with Banks losing to Naomi but how the duo would have been portrayed over the next several weeks, especially after they had put so much time into building their team once Vince McMahon issued an edict that they would be teaming and winning the Women’s Tag Team titles at Wrestlemania 38 - and that after diving into building that team, they were going to wrestle each other and go off to put over other talents, leaving them, exactly where, which apparently was the crux of the issue.

The WWE plan looks to have been that the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship would have been downplayed until their next program after Hell In A Cell concluded.

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