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Report: Brock Lesnar Personally Approved The Omos Match

Report: Brock Lesnar Personally Approved The Omos Match

Views: 133 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

There were a half dozen options thrown his way since the fall.

Sometime towards the summer or fall of 2022, after the major WWE regime switch, per Fightful Select, Stone Cold Steve Austin was approached with the possibility of facing Brock Lesnar. Austin would decline, and a subsequent offer was made for a possible match with Roman Reigns. However, the report further details that there was a huge disparity in payout, with the pitched Lesnar match nowhere approaching that of the Reigns offer.

Later in the fall, internal WWE documents had Brock Lesnar scheduled to face Gunther. That was listed as the plan as of November 21, heading into Survivor Series, with news leaking to a few weeks later. The reason wasn't given as to why this match was nixed or by who, but sources indicated that by the time that news emerged, the match was nixed.

It's worth noting the Intercontinental Title wasn't mentioned whatsoever internally for this match. For the past several months, Gunther's plan has been solidly in place, and told Gunther/Brock was not considered for any extended period of time.

As one can imagine, Bobby Lashley was also on the table for a possible Brock Lesnar WrestleMania match. However, things are not clear as to what happened to cause that one to be off, but that led to Lashley facing Bray Wyatt...who was also pitched for Lesnar.

Bray Wyatt was pitched as a possible opponent for WrestleMania right before WWE Elimination Chamber. Sources familiar with the situation claim that Brock himself nixed the idea. That leads us to Omos. That is the current plan for WrestleMania, though it was hinted to us that there was an undisclosed "backup," but that it isn't factored into creative plans. It was never confirmed who pitched the match. However, it was confirmed that Brock Lesnar personally approved the Omos match.

WrestleVotes had implied on Twitter, and later intimated to Fightful that Vince McMahon was involved with pushing for this match to happen. It wasn't a Vince McMahon decision, and that Vince McMahon has had no contact with creative directly. Last week, Fightful reported that one talent believed McMahon had more of an influence on creative than publicly believed, which was echoed by others on the roster, before WWE told that wasn't true. That talent has since doubled down on that stance.

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