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RETRIBUTION's T-BAR Responds To Dax Harwood For Calling Him An Idiot

RETRIBUTION's T-BAR Responds To Dax Harwood For Calling Him An Idiot

Views: 39 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

WWE RAW Superstar and member of RETRIBUTION, T-BAR (fka Dominik Dijakovic in NXT) is most likely known for being very active on Twitter.

T-BAR decided to pick violence on Tuesday night the wake of taking aim at Sammy Guevara on social media of stealing his finisher. However, T-BAR didn't even mention Sammy Guevara in his tweet, but he would instantly come with a response knowing the original target of T-BAR.

Later then, AEW star Dax Harwood got linked in the Twitter altercation between T-BAR and Sammy Guevara, calling the WWE Superstar "an idiot" who is "lucky to even be in the business."

After T-BAR accused Guevara of stealing his finishing move, Harwood took to his Twitter left a mentioning, "Stole MY finisher". MY FINISHER?! The guy is an idiot. He's lucky to even be in the business." Dax Harwood wrote.

Although T-BAR has since deleted most of his tweets.

T-BAR wrote, "I could never understand what your problem was with me. I was always polite to you. Complimented your matches. I think you hated my style? So weird. Hope all is well, you usually seem like a nice enough dude."

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