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NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021: LA Knight Vs. Cameron Grimes Full Match & Winner

NXT TakeOver: In Your House 2021: LA Knight Vs. Cameron Grimes Full Match & Winner

Views: 476 | Updated On: | By Jitu Jangir

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase walks in as for the first along with two assists who are holding the Million Dollar Championship. Out comes is LA Knight and heads to the ring. The Music hits as Grimes follows up the entrance.

They do have a trash-talking before starting off the match, Knight out in anger pushes Grimes and they lock up. Knight with a shoulder tackle. Grimes blocks a kick and sends Knight to the mat. Grimes with a forearm and chop.

Grimes with a kick to the chest of Knight followed by a forearm but Knight with a kick instead. Knight brings a ladder into the ring and he sends Grimes to the floor. Knight tries to drop the ladder onto Grimes but misses. Knight with a clothesline.

Knight drives Grimes off the barricade and sends his head off the turnbuckle. Meanwhile, Grimes tries to re-group by sending Knight off the barricade, things go well for a short while as Knight once again sends him through the barricade.

Knight sends a Ladder in the ring and drags Grimes back to the ring, Grimes with a German Suplex off the Ladder. Grimes attempts for another German Suplex, but this time Knight follows up a Neckbreaker right on the Ladder.

Knight rolls out and brings another Ladder into the ring. Knight steps up to grab the title, but gets interrupted by Grimes. Knight looks to follow up a Big Boot, but then Grimes ducks as Knight crashes into the turnbuckle.

Grimes sends Knight over the ropes as Knight lands hard on the Ladder that Knight set up on the apron and ringside barrier. He goes for the golden ladder. Grimes brings the ladder into the ring.

Grimes sets up the ladder and climbs up to it. Knight climbs the ladder as well and they exchange punches on the ladder. Grimes pushes Knight off the ladder but Knight pushes the ladder over and drops Grimes on the top rope. Grimes with a standing Spanish Fly. Grimes picks up the pace and climbs to the ladder, but once again Knight crashes the party.

Grimes sends Knight flying off the ropes. Grimes runs back to the ring and climbs up to the top, but this time Knight goes for a nasty crash as he sends Grimes off the ladder along with a Ladder. Now, Knight follows up the top to grab the title. Thus he becomes the new Million Dollar Champion.

Winner: LA Knight

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