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Mustafa Ali Expresses His Frustration For Being Overlooked By WWE

Mustafa Ali Expresses His Frustration For Being Overlooked By WWE

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Orlando, October 11, 2022 - At present, Mustafa Ali is counted as one of the lesser talent wrestlers in WWE. He has not performed well in his wrestling career, due to which he has been ignored for too long for a push within the company.

Ali posted a video of himself on his Twitter account with the caption "i'm Done" where he expressed his frustrations saying he's not going to allow anyone to put him down. He tagged Joey Maloney, the director of WWE Network documentaries. It is possible that this video was made with the permission of WWE.

Ali noted, “I heard something the other day and it really hit me and it goes. ‘if I always do what I’ve always done then I’ll always be where I’ve always been.’ And the reason that hit me is because I’m done. I’m done being here. I’m done being where I’ve always been.”

“Everyone keeps asking me why did I pick a fight with Bobby Lashley? Why don’t I just stay down? And listen, as complicated as it gets up over here I promise you the answer is simple. it’s just done. I am done standing in line and waiting for my number to get called. A number that we all know was never gonna get called in the first place. I’m done being the victim. I’m done blaming other people. I am done complaining about what I don’t have. I’m done not fighting.

I’m done with it. I got a fight, it is on me! This is World War me. And yes, sure there might be someone in front of me. Someone slamming the door in my face but it’s on me to kick that door down. It’s always been on me. Every night I used to pray to God. I used to pray to God to please calm my mind and heal my heart and to please please let my dreams come true. But now I realize even that’s too much I’m asking. You see for my dreams to come true I gotta be a little insane. I have to go through the pain. Now the only thing that I ask from God is to wake me up because I gotta handle the rest. I’m gonna handle the rest.

So to everyone in that locker room, the next time you lock eyes with me, brother – It is not just an opponent that you are staring at. You are staring at a problem! Realize that you are facing a man that is willing to die before he lets his own dreams die. Go ahead. Knock me down. I promise you. I promise you you’re not going to keep me down.”

Ali did not appear on WWE television until late last year and during the early months of 2022 following a dispute with Vince McMahon over ideas for his character. He hasn't been pushed much since Triple H took over at the company. This video below may be the beginning of something.

You can watch the video below:

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