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Murphy Opens Up About His Early Days As A Tag Team Alongside Wesley Blake

Murphy Opens Up About His Early Days As A Tag Team Alongside Wesley Blake

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Murphy joined WWE After the Bell with Corey Graves where he opens up about his early days as a tag team alongside Wesley Blake and some of his wildest ideas to stand out as a tandem.

He joined WWE in 2013, starting out in WWE's developmental territory NXT. The following year, he formed a tag team with Wesley Blake, that won the NXT Tag Team Championship on one occasion. Murphy thus became the first Australian to hold a championship in WWE.

In April 2019, he was drafted to SmackDown, moving out of the cruiserweight division.

Talking on After the Bell with Corey Graves, Murphy added, "I remember getting a call from Blake saying hey you need to come in for promo class...Dusty wants us to do promos. I was like...I don't want to be a tag team, and I am a single star and maybe wrestled one match at this point. No, I wrestled two matches and broke my jaw and had a weird ---I remember there were two matches that weren't a single star, but I didn't want it. I don't want to be held back__I felt.

We ended up doing that thing with me and Blake and he loves it. He thought we looked a lot. I didn't see that. We looked alike, but he thought we looked alike and then we started to just do promos together and we started to get some reps or started to work on some Live Events and he had...was a cowboy at the time. I had I didn't know what I had.

"I think I had my tan shorts like an original pair were in Australian colors so we get matching here mine says Murphy. He says Blake exactly the same. I will keep Pesci. Where's Bruce because he didn't want to go to keep as cool and we ended up doing a dark match on a TV and remember they put our gear on and everyone's home action here. That's awesome.

"They love that we brought them there like it was like they'd never seen matching earring tag team for 15 years was crazy. So and then we did it and then obviously we looked the part like these guys have put effort into it and then you know, we became a tag team and I remember we wanted to become like these Tron guys like my vision of this Blake and Murphy with Alexa was like this tron-like world where energy where power we had some cool little Concepts or he had these masks."

We had those masks which we thought was cool and kind of showed that we were likely High the beat guys and we started like you know who the dogs have dubstep bass and dubstep Cowboys movement called by the wrestling community, but they went to the Beat of the Music, So picture like Ali mask that had LEDs and we thought it was awesome and we had like these ideas that it's it was craving we were able to think outside the box.

"But I felt like everything was that we did was to get out of NXT and to the main roster because that's where you wanted to go. So, we would it would make you try stuff if you weren't doing anything, you know to mean which was great it forced you to be creative draw out different stuff.

So, Now we did the mask we had this concept of by this invisible paint and when a black light would hit you'd see like the full design the idea that I pitched was like, you know what Mario gets the start...So, the idea was when we get a hot black light and you see all like us you neon paint and we will become like Superman-like there was nothing stopping us, it was gonna be it's very cinematic kind of thing, but I thought it'd be really cool, but that never made it."

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