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Murphy Admits That Aalyah And The Mysterios Have His Back

Murphy Admits That Aalyah And The Mysterios Have His Back

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Following his victory, Murphy admits that he finally realized that Seth didn’t have his back, but that he now has found people who do. It was one of the biggest victories of his WWE career when he was able to turn it around against Seth Rollins tonight on SmackDown via avail from Mysterio family. In a backstage interview, Murphy was happy to express that Aalyah and the Mysterios have his back.

Murphy added,"Seth preys on the weak and Seth pick me up when I was down when I was at my weakest, He kept me around...So I had his back, Well, tonight the Mysterio's had mine.

"Seth has this image of the greater good...When the greater good standing right beside me [Referes to Aaliyah] See, I think finally, We can put an end to this Messiah disciple because tonight Messiah Slayed."

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