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Matt Riddle: 'I Don't Think When I Beat Jon Jones He Was Cheating Yet'

Matt Riddle: 'I Don't Think When I Beat Jon Jones He Was Cheating Yet'

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Allentown, October 12, 2022 - Before making his wrestling return Matt Riddle was one of the top Fighters in the UFC.

Riddle made his UFC and professional debut defeating fellow Ultimate Fighter castmate, Dante Rivera, via unanimous decision (29–28, 30–27, 30–27).

Going back to their high school wrestling days, Riddle and Jones competed on two occasions, with the WWE star winning both times. Since then, Jones has become arguably the greatest MMA fighter of all time, but not without controversy.

Jones' only MMA loss was due to an illegal landing of a down elbow when he faced Matt Hamill in December 2009. Later, Jones lost his title several times due to drug test failures, one of which reversed Daniel Cormier in a second-round knockout. No-contest at UFC 214.

Despite overtaking MMA, the 36-year-old Riddle has at some point expressed interest in a third match with Jones, but the light heavyweight legend has nothing bad to say about his career.

“I’ll say that Jon Jones, like him or not, he’s always been a top-tier competitor since I’ve known him since high school and throughout his UFC career and etc.,” Riddle said. “He might — I’m not gonna get into anything else, but I don’t think when I beat him he was cheating yet. I don’t think he used any PEDs or was on any stimulants or anything like that. I think he was young.

“I remember his family was always there and it was a very family-oriented environment. Jon was always super kind to me and so was his whole family. But I think he was still on the straight and narrow then, bro. But I think that helped.”

“I’ve heard some stories and stuff like that [about Jones] but I don’t know if they’re factual or fiction,” Riddle said. “You know, a lot of people say crazy things. But he’s failed some tests. I’m not gonna say anything because I’ve failed some tests, too. I don’t wanna go there. I don’t throw rocks, I live in a glass house, you know what I’m saying, bro? But all I know is I think he was young and still just working his way up.”

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