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Jim Ross Says Jon Moxley Reminds Him Of Steve Austin

Jim Ross Says Jon Moxley Reminds Him Of Steve Austin

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Jim Ross, attending the last AEW Dynamite show from his home, notices that Moxley and Austin have no qualms about the crime. When Ross pointed to the similarity on Twitter, he was criticized by some fans, but Ross defended his take on grilling JR.

Check out the tweet below which was posted by Ross:

Ross explained, "I made two comments, one, I took a screenshot of my TV with Bryan Danielson on it, and the more I get him on my TV, the more I like it. Everybody complimented that. I did another one, later on, just following the show, and it was during a Jon Moxley offensive frenzy; strikes, strikes, strikes, assault. All I said was, 'Jon Moxley is Austin-esque.' I should have probably said, 'at this moment' or 'tonight' or 'during this offensive onslaught' or something like that. I caught so much shit from fans. They want to make sure you see it, so they tag you and think you might react to them. It's funny. I thought it was a compliment to Moxley and it was a compliment I meant. His game does remind me of Austin's at times. Am I saying that he's going to be better or greater than Austin? I don't know that anybody will ever be as great as Stone Cold when he was at his peak. He's still my favorite guy. I just thought there were pieces of Moxley's game, surrounding his aggression and tenacity, that reminds me of Steve. That's all I said. Then you get shit for it because someone didn't agree with you or they think you're putting Austin down. Just because you compliment someone doesn't mean you're knocking somebody else,"

On the October 26 episode of Dynamite, Moxley successfully defended his AEW World Title defeating Penta El Zero Miedo.

H/T: Fightful

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