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Hulk Hogan Envisions Explosive Collaboration With Roman Reigns In Their Prime, Predicting Unprecedented Success

Hulk Hogan Envisions Explosive Collaboration With Roman Reigns In Their Prime, Predicting Unprecedented Success

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Pensacola, May 24, 2023 - Over the years, Roman Reigns has been relentlessly propelled as the quintessential figurehead in the realm of WWE. However, it was not until his triumphant return from hiatus in the illustrious summer of 2020, assuming the persona of a nefarious heel and forging an alliance with the esteemed Paul Heyman, that he truly struck a resounding chord with fervent fans. This metamorphosis culminated in his ascension to the throne of the Universal Title.

Subsequently, Reigns orchestrated the inception of The Bloodline faction alongside the indomitable duo of The Usos and the formidable Solo Sikoa. Their collective dominance knew no bounds, as they triumphed over the venerable Brock Lesnar at the grandiose spectacle known as WrestleMania 38, thus etching Reigns' name into the annals of history as the indisputable WWE Universal Champion.

As Reigns inches ever closer to a staggering milestone of 1,000 days of championship reign, his stranglehold on the coveted title remains unyielding, solidifying his unassailable status as the venerated Tribal Chief.

During an engaging discourse with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, the iconic Hulk Hogan was probed regarding his perspective on Reigns. Embodying one of the most illustrious names in the wrestling pantheon, Hogan opined that, in his prime, a momentous union with Reigns would have sparked a seismic surge of prosperity. Reflecting upon Reigns' uncanny ability to comprehend the intricate nuances of the industry, Hogan remarked, “Well, he's got it figured out. A lot of people wrestle for 20 or 30 years, and they don't ever figure it out.

You know, they're smart to the business, and they know, but they're really never figured it out. He's figured out as far as placement and timing goes and that slow, methodical cadence when you're in the ring. I don't know where you want to place him, you know, on Mount Rushmore's fall as far as the main event wrestler goes. But at the end of the day, if I was in my prime and I walked in with him, I could draw some major money with him. Yeah, I could draw some serious money with them. If I was 40 years old, I could go back to Roman Reigns in my prime. I could draw some major money with him. That would be something.”

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