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Ember Moon & Mark Henry Reflect On Their Friendship And Recall The Valuable Lesson

Ember Moon & Mark Henry Reflect On Their Friendship And Recall The Valuable Lesson

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Mark Henry and Ember Moon joined the Swerve City podcast hosted by the WWE NXT Superstar Isaiah 'Swerve' Scott.

As noted, In September 2020, vignettes advertising a mysterious figure appeared on NXT on consecutive weeks. The mystery figure turned out to be Moon, who made her return at NXT TakeOver 31. She appeared following Io Shirai's successful defense of the NXT Women's Championship against Candice LeRae, staring at the champion while also sharing a smile with her.

Ember Moon and Mark Henry reflect on their friendship and recall the valuable lesson that The World’s Strongest Man imparted to Moon as she was breaking into WWE.

"Nobody I think was happier to see her than me," added Mark Henry. "I was...had the pleasure of being on backstage with Ember Moon when there was a time when she was like either working me or in doubt about coming back. And I could have got off a promo about you know, her not quitting and you know having a lot left in the tank if you will and so that that was one of those moments where I felt like they like she just got way too much to give is too soon to go away and so I was really really happy seeing how come back."

Ember Moon: "Mark is kind of been like I don't know if Mark remember says but he was actually backstage at one of my tryouts and another fun story, which I've told Mark about this and we just had a good laugh about it. I can barely walk in heels and I have this like walk, you know look like yeah, I got this right and then the Pyro went off and I was right beside it. He remembers it now.

"I was right beside the Pyro and my ankles gave in on me and I felt that was only one kind of down the hallway and I like got up and I brush myself off and I went to take a step out here all saw that girl and I turn around and I look and it's Mark sitting on a couch backstage. He's like you coming right now.

"It was just one of those things that he was like, you're like I saw that she did in the ring and like you're very talented but like this is not look like you you look like you're so uncomfortable. You just need to be you and they will accept you."

"Trying to be like everybody else...Will you be you in that something that stuck with me for so long that like when I got signed the very first thing I like what he I know he didn't remember me, but the very first thing I did was walk up and say, thank you, and the last time I physically saw Mark and hung out.

"I was crying my eyes out on the Backstage site. Just found out that I might have to have a second surgery and they were like if you have the second surgery, you might not be coming back at all. And so that was within 24 hours,. So I was not working you mark if I refuse to work."

You can listen to the full interview at this link

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