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Chris Jericho Thinks Eddie Kingston Is Going To Be A Huge Babyface In AEW

Chris Jericho Thinks Eddie Kingston Is Going To Be A Huge Babyface In AEW

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Chris Jericho appeared on his YouTube with Saturday Night Special #22. He had multiple questions to reply to including a question about Eddie Kingston as what did he[Chris] take away from his interview with Eddie Kingston.

Chris Jericho says, "Kingston is my best friend that I never met until a week ago or two weeks ago, whatever it was a month ago. No idea who he was no idea whatsoever. I'm not sure I even heard the name. Like I said when I first started was coming. I actually for quick second thought they meant Eddie Edwards. So but what a great guy lots of lots of fun to be around very driven."

Chris Jericho further goes on: "I like his work and his promos are great. I guess he's just one of those guys that kind of slipped through the cracks over the years that never got the big break that he deserved, but I'm glad to see him, you know what I, mean so glad to see him with us and glad to have him with us in AEW You got a long future I think is going to be a huge babyface if you wait and see."

"I think at some point he's going to be, you never want to use the term Austin, but the thing that just if every man, but it's not Austin how it was only Austin. It not only one Moxley. The only one whoever you want to compare, but I think he's got kind of that blue-collar appeal which translates and he knows how to make it translated," Chris Jericho concluded.

On July 22, 2020, Kingston debuted for All Elite Wrestling on AEW Dynamite losing in a no disqualification match for the AEW TNT Championship against Cody. On July 31, it was announced that Kingston had signed with AEW.

On the August 22 episode of Dynamite, Kingston would help unite The Butcher and The Blade and The Lucha Brothers after their dissension thus confirming his alliance with the faction.

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