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Braun Strowman Responds To Roman Reigns' Comments That He Doesn't Deserve The Title Opportunity

Braun Strowman Responds To Roman Reigns' Comments That He Doesn't Deserve The Title Opportunity

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During an interview with ESPN first take, Universal Champion Roman Reigns spit out some strong words for his opponent Braun Strowman heading into his title defense against The Monster on SmackDown's season premiere, this Friday on SmackDown.

Roman Reigns apparently went on to say that, "I Don't Think Braun Strowman Deserves The Title Opportunity Against Him."

In making a response Braun Strowman joined Battleground Podcast, he said, "I didn’t have a bloodline in this industry" "I'm looking forward to homeroom with him and remind him of who he really is, you know at the end of the day Roman said that I don't deserve this opportunity, you know, I agree with them. I don't deserve anything. That's the difference between him and me."

"I don't deserve this opportunity. I would agree with them, but I'll be damned if I work my ass off and earn this opportunity Tom stepped up. I don't know how many times now when Roman has it been able to go and it's been unfortunate and you know, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt that he's a good person."

put my health and my life on the line for the WWE Universe because I actually care about our fans. I don't go online and pretend and you know Pander to my stands in the area on the internet and things like that."

"I genuinely care and that's why when we first do the people cared about me more than they care about Romans because they know deep down inside how much this really means and how hard I've had to workYou have a bloodline in this industry. I was a nobody from a talent 500 people in North Carolina."

"I've got over so many trials and tribulations and injuries in my life, but don't things I've done and I've proved every naysayer wrong when they told me I didn't deserve to be here. I've never made it the top of this mountain. Well, guess what? I showed everybody on this Earth that you're willing to bust your ass. You can accomplish anything."

Roman Reigns was not high behind in the response, he took to his twitter and wrote, "doesn't sound like a monster to me. Sounds like a little crowd pandering puppet. Don’t worry about my bloodline. When I’m done with you tomorrow night on #SmackDown live, none of your family will ever want to join this business."

You check out the full comments below in the tweet.

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