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Big E Says The New Day Would Not Be Taken Seriously As Heels

Big E Says The New Day Would Not Be Taken Seriously As Heels

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As we must know In addition to his singles career in wrestling, he is a decorated tag team wrestler as part of The New Day with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods.

The New Day is known as one of the best tag teams in Pro Wrestling history. When New Day made their debut as a group, they were initially head over heels, but eventually, they were changed to babyface as they grew in popularity.

The New Day certainly made their marks in the pro wrestling world. This is Because his infectious positivity and hilarious antics made him a huge hit among fans.

Speaking on the cheap Heat podcast, Big E mentioned The New Day turning Heel in the future. Big he said that according to him they won't be taken seriously as heels.

“I’m so far out from that. When the doctor says, ‘we’ll re-scan you in a year.’ That’s March (2023). We’re not close to March. What we did with New Day, for us, it’s maximizing, ‘what do I do well and what are other people not doing?’ I kind of want to see what the landscape looks like as far as, if things are looking good in March and I’m cleared, what do things look like then? The cool thing is, it was my first run and now I have the opportunity to learn from the missteps or make different choices.

You just never want to come back just to do the same thing. (Xavier) Woods always says this, and I’m a big believer, that after a long time, three months or more of being out, you want to come back with something different. With a different look, a different feel. There are so many different things I’ve wanted to do as well in the ring, so many things we’ve talked about. I’m so glad we got to do funny, goofy New Day, but besides the one week, one TV, the very first time, that’s the only time we were militant New Day. Man, we had a ton of ideas. That would be dope as well. I don’t know if we’re too far gone, if you’ve seen too many hip thrusts and gyrations to now take us seriously as diabolical murderous heels, but I’d love to try my hand at different things to see if it works. We might be too far gone, I don’t know.”

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are currently feuding with The Viking Raiders on WWE television. As far as Big E is concerned, it will take him a long time to recover from his neck injury.

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