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Apollo Crews Gets Victory Over Grayson Waller At NXT Halloween Havoc 2022

Apollo Crews Gets Victory Over Grayson Waller At NXT Halloween Havoc 2022

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At NXT Halloween Havoc, there was a casket match between Apollo Crews and Grayson Waller in which Apollo Crews won. The casket match was decided through Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal. It was the first casket match in NXT history.

After midway through the match saw Crews getting tossed off the top rope and technically through the casket like a table, Waller attempted to be declared the winner but the referee declined.

Check Out the play-by-play and highlight below.

Spin The Wheel Make The Deal - Casket Match.

Apollo Crews vs. Grayson Waller.

Crews hit. series of punches on Waller before hitting a dropkick and a double-leg takedown on Waller. Crews hit a chop on Waller before flipping over Waller, but Waller caught Crews with a leg lariat. Waller hit a springboard elbow drop on Crews. Crews & Waller did the Undertaker's taunt before Crews launched Waller out of the ring. Crews hit a moonsault on Waller off the apron. Waller and Crews brawled on the ramp before Waller hit the Cravat knee strikes on Crews. Crews hit an overhead suplex on Waller onto the ring floor. Waller caught Crews with two spinning kicks before stomping down Crews. Crews tossed Waller out of the ring. Crews hit a shotgun dropkick on Waller onto the broadcast table. Waller poked Crews with a pen before tossing Crews into the barricade. Waller slammed Crews into the ring post. Waller went for a Death Valley Driver on Crews onto the apron, but Crews broke out of the carry and placed Waller onto the top turnbuckle. Waller pushed Crews onto the casket but the match was not finished because Crews went through the casket, not inside the casket. The lights went out and went back on before The Druids brought another casket to the ring due to technical difficulties. Crews slammed Waller's face into the stairs before hitting a Fall-Away Samoan Drop on Waller. Crews and Waller got back in the ring, with Crews catching Waller in the corner with four corner lariats and a series of stomps on Waller's head. Crews hit a Gutbuster on Waller. Crews pushed Waller onto the casket, but Waller prevented getting into the casket. Waller slammed the casket on Crews' head before putting him in the casket. Waller and Crews brawled inside the casket before the two sat down. Waller tried to get back in the ring, but Crews instead tossed Waller onto the ring floor and hit a Frog Splash on Waller off the casket. Crews hit an Enziguri kIck on Waller, but Waller responded with the Rolling Stunner on Crews. Waller went for the Tombstone Piledriver, but Crews rolled over and hit a Tombstone Gutbuster on Waller. Waller got out of the casket and tried to chokeslam Crews on the casket, but Crews hit a vicious One-Hand Spinebuster on Waller onto the casket before closing the casket and getting the win. Winner: Apollo Crews.

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