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A Brawl Breaks Out On Raw Between The Hurt Business, RETRIBUTION, MacIntyre, Keith Lee

A Brawl Breaks Out On Raw Between The Hurt Business, RETRIBUTION, MacIntyre, Keith Lee

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After months of destruction on WWE's both brands, RETRIBUTION is finally under the beating by the Superstars from Raw.

RETRIBUTION once again appeared on Raw with that of the threatening message to Raw locker room, After the match, between Cedric Alexander and Ricochet, The Hurt Business stood in the ring with the celebration. The fans went blank in the LED rows. The lights went out.

The RETRIBUTION logo appeared on some of the screens. We saw several members of the group standing in the back somewhere. One member of the group delivered the message. They said, "Consult of Lies dream and betrayal he wants trusted but now we walk with eyes why we see what you are worst scrapped by-product we can show our loyalty for XD the cast it aside like garbage."

He'll become garbage when you sell your soul to a corrupt machine through become corrupt like you. There are tired of the performance center would feed us to fail at Guelph unlike you we refuse to suck up to eternal mercy, so why don't you enjoy your last days of Oblivion we prepare to show you exactly who we are. Well, we got your reality."

They once again appeared during the main event match between Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre. Both were down as RETRIBUTION interrupted the match. They beat both of them black and blue. The Music hit as The Hurt Business marched towards the ring.

They clashed with RETRIBUTION. Meanwhile, the fight, Drew McIntyre launched himself from the top of the ring rope. Monday Night Raw went off the air with a confrontation between Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre.

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