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WWE Monday Night Raw Results November 21, 2022: Live Coverage, Winners Highlights, Commentary

WWE Monday Night Raw Results November 21, 2022: Live Coverage, Winners Highlights, Commentary

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WWE Monday Night Raw November 21, 2022, Ongoing Results & Full Recap

All Live Updates

  • 22 Nov 2022 04:02:06 am UTC / 4 months ago
  • 22 Nov 2022 04:00:48 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Damage Control is ringside, and Ripley is able to get out of the hold. Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss come ringside. Asuka with a kick and then she applies the cross arm breaker. Rhea gets a near fall with a rollup. Rhea with RipTide for the cover to win the match.

    Winner: Rhea Ripley via pinfall

  • 22 Nov 2022 03:55:42 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Ripley is up on the top, meanwhile, Asuka clinches her leg and gets her down. Asuka a massive Dropkick. Ripley with a Suplex for near fall. Ripley is looking for a Riptide, but Asuka turns it into a Asuka lock.
  • 22 Nov 2022 03:53:44 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Back from the commercial break...Rhea Ripley goes for a spear, but Asuka side up and goes face-first into the turnbuckle. Asuka with some nice combos. Rhea with a Submission hold, Asuka drags herself to the ropes and finally, she gets out.
  • 22 Nov 2022 03:48:53 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Asuka with an Ankle hold, but Rhea Ripley Powers out with a Slam, Asuka is sent into the turnbuckle, Asuka is in danger, and Asuka is placed on the turnbuckle. Asuka pushes Ripley to the midsection. Ripley looks flared up and she with a massive Dropkick to send Asuka off the turnbuckle to the ringside.
  • 22 Nov 2022 03:46:42 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Rhea with a snap mare and kick to the back. Rhea with a drop kick for a near fall. Rhea misses a punch and Asuka with a slap and kick. Asuka with a missile drop kick and Rhea goes to the floor.
  • 22 Nov 2022 03:46:18 am UTC / 4 months ago
    WarGames Advantage Match: Asuka (with Bianca Belair and Alexa Bliss) Vs Rhea Ripley (with Bayley, Dakota Kai, Nikki Cross, and Iyo Sky)

    The match starts off with Asuka grabbing Rhea by the hair. Asuka is sent to the mat by the hair. Rhea goes on and tosses Asuka to the mat. Asuka gets to land a kick, but Rhea blocks it and instead connects with a Forearm.

  • 22 Nov 2022 03:23:24 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Drew got caught and Corbin with the Deep Six for a near-fall. Corbin yells at the referee and Akira Tozawa comes out of the announce table and John grabs him. Tozawa takes John's hat and he walks into the crowd. Drew with a Claymore for the three count.

    Winner: Drew McIntyre via pinfall
  • 22 Nov 2022 03:23:06 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Drew is sent face first into the ring post. Corbin is caught by Drew and Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on the floor. They return to the ring and Drew hits the ropes and sets up for the Claymore but John gets on the ring steps.

  • 22 Nov 2022 03:22:05 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Drew sets for a Claymore and Corbin rolls out of the way. Corbin gets Drew up for a Torture Rack Bomb for a near fall. Drew rolls to the floor.
  • 22 Nov 2022 03:21:59 am UTC / 4 months ago
    There is an elbow from Corbin, while Drew gets out with a Spinebuster for near fall. Corbin with some punches to Drew. Corbin hits a Choke Slam for a near fall. Corbin sets up End of Days, but Drew escapes it and immediately lands Future Shock DDT.
  • 22 Nov 2022 03:20:04 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Back from the commercial break...Corbin goes for a Superplex but Drew blocks it. This time Corbin is able to hit it for a near fall. They both exchange punches, Corbin with a Slam, but Drew is able to get on his feet.

  • 22 Nov 2022 03:14:51 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Corbin charges Drew and Corbin with a wacky slide but he misses a clothesline. Drew with a head butt and Corbin bounces off the ropes with a clothesline.
  • 22 Nov 2022 03:12:17 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex followed by a neck breaker. Drew prepares for the Future Shock but Corbin escapes and connects with forearms. Drew with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Draw with a chop to the corner. Corbin catches Drew on a cross-body and hits a followaway slam.
  • 22 Nov 2022 03:03:27 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Both are back in the ring, Drew is on the apron, while Baron is in the ring. Drew is sent face-first into the ring post. Drew falls outside, Baron works on getting him back to the ring. Baron with a massive splash into the ring post.
  • 22 Nov 2022 03:01:43 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Baron Corbin is now taking over the control, Drew with a punch followed by some chops to the chest. Drew McIntyre sends Baron over the top ropes. Baron is sent over the ringside barricade. Drew gets into the ring to break the referee's count.
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:59:42 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Singles Match: Baron Corbin Vs Drew McIntyre

    Baron Corbin along with JBL makes his way out to the ring. He is followed by Drew McIntyre. The match kicks off with Baron missing a punch as he goes out and gets immediately back into the ring. They lock up, and Drew backs him up in the cornor. Baron with a chop to separate.
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:45:35 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Drew McIntyre vs Baron Corbin has been set for tonight!
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:44:39 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Chad Gable and Otis Vs Elias and Matt Riddle

    Winners: Elias and Matt Riddle via pinfall
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:34:30 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Ali yells at Lashley and Lashley brings Ali back through Gorilla.

    Ali is sent into the Tron. Lashley comes out with a full nelson on Ali. Lashley releases the hold.

  • 22 Nov 2022 02:33:35 am UTC / 4 months ago
    They are going back and forth, we are seeing a preview of what's coming at Survivor Series WarGames. Theory even uses a chair. Theory runs through the crowd, Lashley follows him too.

    Lashley goes up the aisle and follows Theory into the back. Theory punches Ali and pushes him into Lashley. Theory gets away.
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:31:04 am UTC / 4 months ago
    It seems like, Lashley wants a fight and he goes for it. Theory comes out with some punches, but Lashley backs Theory into the corner. Lashley hits an Overhead Belly-To-Belly Suplex. Theory is now on the floor and he sends Theory into the ringside barrier.

  • 22 Nov 2022 02:29:00 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Back from the commercial break, Bobby Lashley makes his way out to the ring.

    Both superstars have a verbal exchange about who would be the United States Champion at Survivor Series WarGames.

  • 22 Nov 2022 02:26:26 am UTC / 4 months ago
    After the match, Lashley appears on the TitanTron and Bobby tells Theory to stay in the ring so we can have a preview of what is going to happen at Survivor Series.

  • 22 Nov 2022 02:26:01 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Ali is sent into the ringside barrier by Theory. Finally, they return to the ring and Theory hits a A Town Down For the victory.

    Winner: Austin Theory via pinfall
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:24:32 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Theory with kicks and the referee warns him. Theory with punches to Ali in the tree of hi. Theory puts Ali on the turnbuckle and hits Ali with forearms and a sunset flip power bomb. Ali pulls himself up and hits the Ali 450 Splash but Ali fails to capitalize and Theory rolls to the floor.

  • 22 Nov 2022 02:23:51 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Ali goes for a Suicide Dive, but he is caught by Theory and sends him into the apron and ringside barrier. There is a Superkick from Ali for near fall. Ali is sent into the ropes and Theory goes for an Ushigoroshi for near fall.

  • 22 Nov 2022 02:20:51 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Austin plants a Back Breaker for the cover, but Ali kicks out at two and half.

    Austin goes for a Suplex, but this time too, Ali lands on his feet. Ali with a satellite DDT. Ali with forearms to Theory. Theory sends Ali into the corner but Ali with a knee. Ali with a belly-to-back suplex. Theory rolls to the floor.
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:19:39 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Singles Match: Mustafa Ali Vs Austin Theory

    The match kicks off with Theory connecting with shoulders and punches. Theory stomps on the injured ribs. Theory sets up a Belly-to-Belly Suplex, but Ali lands on his feet and gets to hit Austin.

  • 22 Nov 2022 02:11:04 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Anyone who wants to step up, you will be sent home. I know you are watching Seth and Bobby. Pay attention to what I am going to do to Mustafa Ali. It will be the result that will happen at Survivor Series.

  • 22 Nov 2022 02:11:02 am UTC / 4 months ago
    We see Austin Theory in his locker room. Austin says that nobody understands him. He hit rock bottom and that is the best thing to happen to him. He is not the youngest thing or the best new that. I am a new man and I will be taken seriously. Austin says the disrespect ends here.
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:10:56 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Seth Rollins: "Because you've got three men who do not like each other going tow Chateau Chateau and we are all on the coast we could all snap."
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:10:14 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Seth Rollins: "Theory you don't believe me you need some proof. Why don't you pick up your little cell phone and call Cody Rhodes you ask him how his rehab is going? Yeah, you say holy Cody. We did a good idea to pick a fight with Seth freaking Rollins. bottom line this Saturday. It's Survivor Series. No. No, we are not. In war games match no. Going to be a war.
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:09:25 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Seth Rollins: "Not because he tried to cash in his money in the bank contract on my US Title. No, no, no, some would have an expert on cash and I actually thought that was very well Time. Austin theory is the stupidest person on the face due to me laugh Austin Theory jumped me from behind. He tried to beat me in my own game. Austin Theory is one to make a name off of my name and that never ends."
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:08:19 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Seth Rollins: "I've got a PhD in getting back up. I'm like The Goonies I Never Say Die. As for us in Theory He's lost everything and he may be more dangerous than he's ever been. But make no mistake about it. He is still. the stupidest person face of the Earth don't get it twisted."
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:07:11 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Seth is asked about the match on Saturday.

    Seth Rollins: "I asked For this that's right. You know I asked for this match because I've got a bone to pick with both of these gentlemen, and I figured triple threat match kind of a two birds with one stone situation if you know what I mean now. You don't prepare for a wild Bobby Lashley."
  • 22 Nov 2022 02:06:06 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Corey thanks Seth for appearing ‘via satellite’ and he asks Seth how is he doing.

    Seth says he was mauled two weeks ago by Bobby Lashley. Last week I was attacked by Austin Theory. I never felt better.

  • 22 Nov 2022 01:56:35 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Seth Rollins vs Austin Theory vs Bobby Lashley for the US Championship is set for Survivor Series.
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:48:44 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Omos grabs Gargano by the throat and Omos with a choke slam for the three count.

    Winner: Omos via pinfall
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:47:55 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Omos launches Gargano on the apron. Omos now lifts Gargano. Omos goes for a splash into the cornor, but Gargano sides up and launches himself into the ring post. Omos is down. Meanwhile, Gargano takes the advantage and goes up to the top of the ring post.
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:45:15 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Omos (with Montel Vontavious Porter) Vs Johnny Gargano

    The bell rings, Gargano goes for an elbow, but nothing affects Omos. Omos plants a Big Boot right on the Jaw that sends him out of the ring. Omos is fired up, he is blocking each and every strikes from Gargano.
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:43:21 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Singles Match: Miz Vs Johnny Gargano

    Johnny Gargano comes out first, he is in the ring waiting for Gargano. The Miz comes out, but he is not in a fighting mood as he injured himself doing a Tik Tok.

    Miz says he was not dancing, he was kicking and punching when I sliced through a cactus. He says he has cacti in California because he is rich. He will beat Dexter next week. He knows that Johnny wants to fight tonight so he found a worthy opponent.
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:39:27 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Winners: Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:38:34 am UTC / 4 months ago
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:32:18 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Sheamus, Butch, and Ridge Holland (with Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens) Vs Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor, and Damian Priest (with Rhea Ripley)
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:27:36 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Priest says they accept.

    All six men brawl in the ring and then THE Judgment Day is sent to the floor.
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:27:24 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Sheamus To Balor: "You're salty. Yeah, will I beat salivate my entire career to get you in the ring and tear you apart one on one. Since we're all here, Why don't we do that Judgment Day verses the Brawling Brutes?
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:24:45 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Sheamus asks Finn how is he doing. Their homes might be ten miles apart in Ireland, but it might as well be a million miles apart. I don’t respect you. You are the Plastic Paddy I have come to despise.

  • 22 Nov 2022 01:24:23 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Finn Balor: "I'm here because I got a message for AJ Styles, AJ you've been stealing from me for years. So at Survivor Series you're getting taxed. Finn Balor is coming to collect and as for you five clowns I hope The Bloodline smash you at Survivor Series."
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:22:43 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Priest says you show respect to THE Judgment Day.

    Dominik says that you better go back to Smackdown and you can tell my deadbeat dad, Rey Mysterio, I said hi.

  • 22 Nov 2022 01:22:29 am UTC / 4 months ago
    The Judgment Day make their way to the stage.

    Rhea Ripley: "Here shut up. Because the only thing people are gonna be talking about after Survivor series. How many people I destroy in the woman's? War Games match now I think you and your little rolling buddies are lost because this is Monday Night Raw, the show that the Judgment Day runs.
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:21:22 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Drew McIntyre: "Well this Saturday, You're looking at five lines that want to rip apart The Bloodline, five lines are ready to walk into hell with a smile on their. Faith tour rings two kgs. No bleeding rules. Everybody Are you ready for a war?
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:20:34 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Sheamus: "I told I'm up at Sam Zayn that when he found out who the fifth member was the fifth Beatle was that he crapped his Lucy little pants.

    Drew McIntyre: "No, honestly, I don't remember a time when Roman Reigns and The Bloodline weren't holding the top titles and WWE hostage, abusing the numbers game."
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:18:24 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Ridge and Butch tell everyone it’s Fight Night.

    Sheamus: "You smell the lights dear. There's a fire cooking in the stove because this Saturday night. It's going to be one of the most painstaking unforgiving career-altering matches in the history of the WWE."
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:16:41 am UTC / 4 months ago
    He says he did not come alone tonight.

    Sheamus, Butch, and Ridge Holland come out. Drew McIntyre also joins them.

  • 22 Nov 2022 01:16:16 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Kevin Owens: "Now last Friday night, I got to go to SmackDown. Because I was extended an invitation by some guys And I figured how rude would I be not to return the favor?
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:15:55 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Kevin Owens: "I am Kevin Owens, I am the guy who took you to the Limit not once not twice, but three times. I'm the guy. who if it for your bloodline would have ended. Title reign of yours before it even started on the gas coming to take out your entire bloodline. So next time I get a shot at you there's nothing stopping me from being the guy.
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:12:44 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Owens: "Though, The person I'm talking about the person I'm coming to the Survivor series for his Roman Reigns, it's been two long years since you and I face each other in this ring and this Saturday. I'm coming to remind You just who the hell I am."
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:11:49 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Kevin Owens: "And I did that for a very good reason I did that. because of one specific person on that other team and I'm not talking about Sami Zayn. See because even with everything we've been through. I Sami like a brother and whatever he's got going on right now is his problem."
  • 22 Nov 2022 01:09:52 am UTC / 4 months ago
    We are kicking things off with Kevin Owens.

    Owens gets in the ring and says, on Friday night on Smackdown, he joined the War Games match as the fifth man against the Bloodline.
  • 21 Nov 2022 03:59:27 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    Featured Lineup For 11/21/22 WWE Raw

    --Asuka and Rhea Ripley dig into the trenches for WarGames advantage
Here is the live coverage of Monday Night Raw, which is scheduled to air on November 21, 2022, live from MVP Arena in Albany, N.Y.

Monday Night Raw currently airs live on Monday evenings on the USA Network from 8:00 ET–11:00 PM ET in the United States. WWE Raw starts live at 1 am in the UK on BT Sport 1 on Tuesday mornings.

WWE Raw Time In Australia: It airs live on Tuesdays at 10 am (AEST) on Fox8

WWE Raw Time In Canada: Fans can watch it on OLN Canada or Sportsnet subscribers can stream WWE RAW for free on Monday Night RAW will return to Sportsnet 360 in mid-May.

WWE Raw Time In South Africa: The show also airs live on Supersport in South Africa on Tuesdays at 02:00 am CAT

Raw Time In Arab world: Raw airs in the Arab world on MBC Action on Mondays at 8 PM Egypt Standard Time, on FM1 in Iran, and on Sport 1 and Sport 1 HD in Israel. Raw further began airing on D-Smart in Turkey.

Raw Time In Italy: In Italy, Raw airs live on Dplay 2:00 pm

WWE Raw Time In India: Raw airs live on Sony Ten 1 HD and Sony Ten 1 in India at 6:30 am

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--Corey Graves (color commentator)

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