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WWE Monday Night Raw Results March 28, 2022: Live Coverage, Winners Highlights, Commentary

WWE Monday Night Raw Results March 28, 2022: Live Coverage, Winners Highlights, Commentary

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WWE Raw Before WrestleMania, March 28, 2022, ongoing Results, Roman Reigns & Brock Lesnar And Many More!

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  • 29 Mar 2022 03:01:10 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Nakamura and Boogs get involved and go after the Usos. Boogs presses Jimmy over his head and hot shots him. Boogs runs Jimmy to the back and they fight on the stage.

    Ford goes up top and Riddle with an RKO to Dawkins and Ford leaps over Riddle. Riddle and Orton with an alley oop RKO on Ford.
  • 29 Mar 2022 03:00:54 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins attack Orton and the referee calls for the bell.

    Winners: Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso (by disqualification)
  • 29 Mar 2022 03:00:27 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:55:30 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:52:00 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:51:42 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:35:04 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Chapion Vs. Champion Match: Randy Orton and Riddle Vs Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:23:21 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Happy Corbin bails on Madcap Moss.

    Drew McIntyre pins Moss with the Claymore.

    Winner: Drew McIntyre via pinfall
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:16:59 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Drew McIntyre Vs Baron Corbin and Riddick Moss
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:16:37 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:15:57 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Bianca sees the scissors and she grabs them. The referees stand on the floor and wave their arms. Bianca cuts Becky's hair.

  • 29 Mar 2022 02:15:33 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Officials come to the ring to stop Becky from cutting her hair but Bianca powers Becky onto her shoulders and she hits a KOD. Bianca with a second KOD.

  • 29 Mar 2022 02:15:17 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Becky grabs Bianca and pulls her to the mat. Becky grabs a chair and hits Bianca in the midsection and back with it. Becky says she was coming for Bianca and she pulls out scissors.
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:12:41 am UTC / 10 months ago
    We Just got a whole lot of the wrong with from under the ring and Becky Lynch out of nowhere this time for y'all to go push ready Pittsburgh Bianca putting it on the wrong Women's Champion right now.
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:12:19 am UTC / 10 months ago
    So what else you got? I mean you don't show me all your tricks in a bookstore. What else you got Becky? I'll tell you absolutely nothing because there is nothing that you can do that can stop me from coming for that title. So Becky come Saturday at WrestleMania. Oh, I'm coming for you and imma take your title and I'm going to walk out as a new raw women's champion and it ain't a damn thing that you can do."
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:12:07 am UTC / 10 months ago
    "{I mean this started back at SummerSlam and ever since summer some you have tried to use every trick in the book so that you can escape with that title. I mean you have tried everything you you would have helped me and you deliberately try to in my career, but that didn't work you try to break my roots and breaking my spirit, but that didn't work."

  • 29 Mar 2022 02:11:47 am UTC / 10 months ago
    "So congratulations Becky you took me out for a week, but now I am right back here tonight on Monday Night Raw like I never even left Becky even after everything that I have tried I am still standing here. So enough is enough. This has been going on for far too long."

  • 29 Mar 2022 02:11:14 am UTC / 10 months ago
    "I mean not only did you try to injure me and take me out of WrestleMania, but you come out here week after week and you run your mouth and you constantly bashing my name you play the victim and you try to ruin my reputation, but girl, ah, see they don't call me to EST for no reason.

  • 29 Mar 2022 02:10:59 am UTC / 10 months ago
    "I mean, let's be real. I threatened your whole existence my confidence threatens you the way I hold my head high even when I get knocked down that threatens you and that's why you act the way that you do.

  • 29 Mar 2022 02:10:01 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Bianca Belair makes her way to the ring.

    Bianca says she has to address this. She says Becky came out here last week and you said what you would do to keep the title. Two weeks ago, I saw how low you would stoop
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:00:53 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Winner: Austin Theory via pinfall
  • 29 Mar 2022 02:00:28 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:54:35 am UTC / 10 months ago
    "Let me repeat that to make sure you're heard me loud and clear Steve if you try to pick a fight with me on the chaos show. I will end up pouring one of your very own beers onto your lifeless carcass. after I open up a can of whup-ass on you, and that's the bottom line."
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:53:44 am UTC / 10 months ago
    "Doesn't that sound perfect it does but Steve just one little friendly warning? If you try to get funny with me, there's gonna be a stunner, but you will be on the receiving end of it. Oh hell. Yeah.

  • 29 Mar 2022 01:53:08 am UTC / 10 months ago
    "We will toast to you Steve Austin finally officially passing the torch to me not only as of the new stone-cold, but the one true Master of the stunner because always 3:16 Says my stunner. It's better to Stone Cold give Hell, yeah. And then once that is done Steve you can be on your way.

  • 29 Mar 2022 01:52:32 am UTC / 10 months ago
    "I'm a good person. I will give the biggest platform you've ever had in your career on the Wrestlemania Main Event edition of the chaos show so we can talk about you make you feel good and give you the little send-off you think you deserve. You know what? I'm even going to do something very special for you see because I hate beer it's disgusting, but I'm gonna drink one with you. Okay, we're going to sit down together in the middle of the ring at AT&T Stadium and drink we'll get a drink together, right we can even toast you know what that's perfect. We will toast."
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:52:07 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Owens continues, "Well, what would happened if he picked a fight with Kevin Owens? He's coming to the KO show drove another nice little conversation about his career. He wants to have a nice little chat and you know what Steve? I'm so honored and happy that you accepted my invitation that I will do that for you.'

  • 29 Mar 2022 01:51:29 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Oh, hey, that's Steve. He still sounds like stone-cold. He still looks like so cold. We saw that video right above him in front of his little golf cart. It was heavily edited. I'm sure but he still looks and sounds like Stone Cold even Steve even still talks a big game like stone-cold because he knows he has to but let me tell you all something. Steve is not coming to Decay Osho to pick."
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:51:07 am UTC / 10 months ago
    "It's not Stone Cold anymore. It's Steve. Okay, that's cool. It's cool. It's Steve the same Steve that's been drinking himself into Oblivion for 19 years. Now the same steam who saw bored to tears on his stupid Ranch that he's begging everybody, please. Can you come up my little podcast so we can talk about the old days and make me feel good again?
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:50:22 am UTC / 10 months ago
    "And so am I okay. I am but look last week. That wasn't just me paying tribute to Stone Cold. That was also me doing everybody watching a favor because you see Last Monday night me dressed up as Stone Cold Steve Austin, that is the closest we will ever get to the Old Stone Cold we used to admire.

    "Okay, because that's Stone Cold. He's gone. He's been gone for 19 years what he's been gone for 19 years what nine teen years? Years, and he's coming back at WrestleMania on the KO show. It's not gonna be stone cold. It's gonna be Steve."
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:50:09 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Kevin Owens says, "Somehow I was mocking Stone Cold and you know what those are lies what I said, those are lies what should people saying that for lying? No, that was me paying homage to the great Stone Cold we all love and remember. And you know, I know everyone is absolutely estatic that Stone Cold Steve. Austin is my guest on the KO show in the main event of WrestleMania Saturday."

  • 29 Mar 2022 01:45:33 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Kevin Owens is in the ring and he has something to say.

    Kevin says that was an incredible tribute to Steve Austin. No one does it better than the WWE production team. That was great, but nothing compared to his tribute to Steve Austin last week.
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:40:52 am UTC / 10 months ago
    We have Stone Cold video package and this really cool itself.
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:36:58 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:36:42 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Winner: Sasha Banks, Naomi, Rhea Ripley, and Liv Morgan via pinfall
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:36:18 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:36:03 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:29:10 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:27:54 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:20:16 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Sasha Banks, Naomi, Rhea Ripley, and Liv Morgan Vs Zelina Vega, Carmella, Natalya, and Shayna Baszler
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:19:28 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Roman says, he is the longest-reigning champion in the past 35 years. I got my receipt and I took his blood at Madison Square Garden this Sunday. I make the final And then Brock you're going to know what it's going to be like to make it personal because I'm going to make it personal because it's always been personal."
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:18:57 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Roman Reigns asks, "Are we talking about suplex City? It's a carnival where it's a wedding now the tide is going to have babies. It's just a game. Okay. Oh, that's all good, because the tribal Chief change the game. We changed the game and we're going to take everything from him. You see I already took his advocating upgraded him to a wise man."
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:17:24 am UTC / 10 months ago
    If you want to talk about Brock, let's do it. What bothers him about Brock is just a couple weeks ago, he was out for blood. It got to the point my children didn't recognize me and my wife wanted me out of the business. My family was disappointed in me.
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:15:49 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Roman Reigns has the mic and asks Pittsburgh to acknowledge him. Roman says that is all true. Roman has done all that he can do in this business, except one thing. Roman threatens everyone if they continue to 'What', like he would smash Steve Austin and like he is going to smash Brock Lesnar.

  • 29 Mar 2022 01:12:35 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Up next is your Universal Champion Roman Reigns, Universal Champion Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring with the Usos and Paul Heyman.

  • 29 Mar 2022 01:12:03 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Tamina attacks Dana and Reggie breaks up the cover. Tozawa shows up and he is in a suit. Meanwhile, Tozawa proposes to Tamina. Tamina grabs Reggie and she asks him what does he think. Tozawa gives her a ring and Tamina says yes.
  • 29 Mar 2022 01:10:42 am UTC / 10 months ago
    We are back and we see Reggie and Dana Brooke backstage. Reggie says he has something to ask Dana but something always keeps interrupting them. Reggie gets on his knees and asks Dana. They don't have to wait until Wrestlemania to have their Wrestlemania moment. Reggie gives Dana a ring and Dana says yes.

  • 29 Mar 2022 01:03:31 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 12:55:37 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Lashley goes for a shoulder tackle but Omos does not move. Lashley with a shoulder tackle and Omos goes down and to the floor.
  • 29 Mar 2022 12:55:13 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring. Lashley paces in front of Omos and Omos does not move.

  • 29 Mar 2022 12:54:38 am UTC / 10 months ago
    After the match, Kevin Patrick comes out into the ring to congratulate Omos on his victory. Kevin asks Omos who he thinks could threaten him at Wrestlemania.

  • 29 Mar 2022 12:52:06 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Winner: Omos (by count out)
  • 29 Mar 2022 12:51:44 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Omos Vs Erik and Ivar

    Erik with punches and Omos mises a clothesline. Erik with a forearm and Omos with a clothesline. Erik rolls to the floor and is down. The referee starts his count and Ivar checks on him.

  • 29 Mar 2022 12:50:06 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Vince tells Seth he is busy so he cannot tell Seth who his opponent is. Vince says it will be of his choosing and Seth will know when he is introduced.
  • 29 Mar 2022 12:49:52 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Seth says it wasn't his fault. Does Vince ask if he can have a stupendous Wrestlemania without Seth Rollins? He says he could, but he wouldn't want to do it. Seth will have his own main event.

    Seth Rollins looks cheered up and wants to know who his opponent going to be at WrestleMania.

  • 29 Mar 2022 12:47:48 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Vince says he knows why they are here and he wants to get it over with. Vince says he didn't bring Seth in here to fire him. Vince says he is surprised that Seth did not win his way into Wrestlemania.

  • 29 Mar 2022 12:45:37 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Seth enters Vince's office with a cheer. Vince doesn't look at him. Seth sits down and puts his feet on the desk and Vince looks at him and tells him to take his feet off his table.

  • 29 Mar 2022 12:44:29 am UTC / 10 months ago
    We see Seth Rollins at WWE Headquarters earlier today. He is over there and wants to meet Vince McMahon regarding WrestleMania. He cackles as he walks into Vince's waiting room. We see that Seth has been waiting for 2 hours and Vince is finally ready.

  • 29 Mar 2022 12:30:25 am UTC / 10 months ago
    After the match, Dominik attacks Logan from behind and sends him into the ring. They set for a double 619 but Logan goes to the floor. Rey gets his mask back from Logan. Dominik hits a superkick to Miz and Rey with a dropkick to Miz and they hit a double 619 on Miz. Dominik with a frog splash and Rey with a frog splash of his own.

  • 29 Mar 2022 12:29:57 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Winner: Rey Mysterio via pinfall
  • 29 Mar 2022 12:29:39 am UTC / 10 months ago
  • 29 Mar 2022 12:29:19 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Miz Vs Rey Mysterio (with Dominik Mysterio)

  • 29 Mar 2022 12:28:14 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Brock says after their carnival ride, this is where the party starts. We are going to crash a wedding. Brock says he is in a good mood because he will finally get his hands on Roman. On Sunday, I will stand above you with two titles and I will raise them to the sky.
  • 29 Mar 2022 12:27:05 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Brock says they are going on a trip down memory lane. We are going to take a trip down the streets of Suplex City and then he is going to introduce him to the Beast of Broadway. Then, we're gonna hit the carnival and go for a ride on the F-5 and no one survives that one.

  • 29 Mar 2022 12:26:42 am UTC / 10 months ago
    WWE Champion Brock Lesnar's music plays and he makes his way to the ring and he does the Brock Bounce.

    Brock apologizes for doing this because for the last 20 years, Paul Heyman has been talking for him. Brock does the introduction that Paul used to do for him.

  • 28 Mar 2022 05:15:21 pm UTC / 10 months ago
    WWE Raw (3/28)

    Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns Under The Same Roof
    Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz
    The Street Profits vs. Alpha Academy
    Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Naomi, & Sasha Banks vs. Carmella, Queen Zelina, Natalya, & Shayna Baszler
    RK-Bro vs. The Usos
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