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WWE Monday Night Raw Results June 26, 2023: Live Coverage, Winners, Commentary, Recap

WWE Monday Night Raw Results June 26, 2023: Live Coverage, Winners, Commentary, Recap

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WWE Monday Night Raw June 26, 2023, Ongoing Results & Full Recap

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  • 27 Jun 2023 03:07:53 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Cody responds with a super kick, and just as he is about to execute the Beautiful Disaster, Dom intervenes, preventing Cody from connecting. Meanwhile, Rhea distracts the referee. Taking advantage of the chaos, Priest hits his finishing move, South of Heaven, but only manages to secure a near fall. Dom climbs onto the apron, while Priest prepares for the Razor's Edge. Cody sends Priest crashing into Dom, knocking him off the apron. Seizing the opportunity, Cody executes a Cody Cutter and follows it up with the CrossRhodes, securing the three-count and the victory.

    WINNER: Cody Rhodes
  • 27 Jun 2023 03:07:32 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Cody sets up for his finishing move, the CrossRhodes, but Priest counters with a knee strike and a kick. Undeterred, Cody executes a Pedigree, resulting in both competitors being down on the mat. In order to avoid being covered by Cody, Priest rolls out of the ring. Cody ascends to the top turnbuckle, but Priest quickly reenters the ring, causing Cody to leap over him. Capitalizing on the situation, Priest delivers a jumping thrust kick, narrowly missing victory. He follows up with an uppercut. However, Priest's attempt to splash into the corner is foiled when Cody evades the attack.

  • 27 Jun 2023 03:07:19 am UTC / 10 months ago
    As we return, Priest lands a punch and follows it up with a move known as the Broken Arrow, nearly securing a victory. Priest forcefully slams Cody's face into the mat and proceeds to unleash a series of kicks. He finishes with a clothesline, coming close to pinning Cody. Priest climbs the turnbuckles, but Cody intervenes, countering with a takedown that involves manipulating Priest's wrist. The two competitors engage in an exchange of punches and kicks. Cody delivers jabs before attempting his signature flip, flop, and fly maneuver, but Priest halts him with a punch. Cody retaliates with a punch of his own and follows it up with a power slam. He then executes the Beautiful Disaster maneuver. Cody continues his onslaught with a series of jabs, leading up to his trademark Bionic Elbow. Despite his efforts, Cody only manages to secure a near fall. Cody attempts to apply the figure-four leg lock, but Priest counters by kicking him into the turnbuckles. Priest avoids a splash and hits a headlock driver for another near fall.

  • 27 Jun 2023 03:07:13 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Suddenly, Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio make their way to the ring.

    Priest attempts a round kick, but Cody manages to counter and sends Priest towards the ring post. Cody takes advantage of the situation by executing a suicide dive, propelling himself outside the ring and sending Priest back into the ring. However, Cody hesitates as Rhea obstructs his path. This hesitation allows Priest to deliver a leaping flatliner. The match then cuts to a commercial break.
  • 27 Jun 2023 03:07:05 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Cody charges at Priest with a powerful shoulder tackle, sending him crashing into the ropes. In response, Priest retaliates with his own shoulder tackle. Priest attempts to block a hip toss from Cody, but Cody counters in the same manner. Trying to avoid a backslide, Priest finds himself on the receiving end of a drop-down uppercut by Cody. Responding with a forearm strike, Priest is met with a swift dropkick from Cody. Seizing the opportunity, Cody applies a wrist lock and focuses his attack on Priest's shoulder. Cody prepares to deliver punches from the turnbuckles, but Priest interrupts his momentum with a punch of his own. Unleashing a barrage of forearms and kicks in the corner, Priest demonstrates his aggression. He follows up with an Irish whip and an elbow strike in the corner. Cody executes a delayed gourdbuster, showcasing his strength.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:48:52 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Singles Match: Damian Priest Vs Cody Rhodes

    They engage in a lock-up and circle the ring. The priest executes a side headlock and follows it up with a powerful shoulder tackle.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:35:02 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Cathy finds herself in the presence of Cody and Pharaoh, and she seizes the opportunity to inquire about Cody's upcoming match against Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio.

    Cody expresses a desire for the day to come when he no longer needs to address THE Judgment Day repeatedly. He reveals that Priest carries visible marks on his body and an injured sense of pride from their previous encounters. Cody admits that he yearns for the chance to join the crowd and shower Dominik with boos, as the latter has resorted to employing underhanded tactics to provoke him. Cody acknowledges that, on Saturday, Dominik will not have the support of Rhea, Finn, or Damian by his side, leaving the question of who will stand with him and how he will fare in the face of this challenge.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:34:32 am UTC / 10 months ago
    With tremendous force, Finn executed a perfectly timed dropkick, propelling Hayes forcefully into the turnbuckles. Seizing the advantage, Finn swiftly ascended to the top rope, positioning himself for a decisive strike. In a display of extraordinary agility, he delivered the Coup de Grace, a breathtaking maneuver that connected with devastating precision. The impact was resounding, and the referee's hand came down for the three-count, signaling Finn's well-deserved victory.

    WINNER: Finn Balor

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:27:48 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Hayes seized the moment, executing a springboard DDT and coming agonizingly close to victory. Exhibiting his resilience, Hayes ascended the turnbuckles, attempting to leap over Balor, who anticipated the maneuver and moved out of harm's way. In a swift counter, Hayes managed to roll up Balor for a near fall. However, Balor's cunning prevailed as he blocked Hayes' kick attempt and swiftly lifted him for a punishing double knee gutbuster.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:27:41 am UTC / 10 months ago
    As the action resumed following the commercial break, Balor unleashed a relentless assault in the corner, delivering a series of shoulder strikes and a pair of forceful Irish whips followed by a resounding chop. Balor attempted a third Irish whip, but Hayes countered with a back elbow. However, Hayes' subsequent attempt at a twisting cross body missed its mark when Balor swiftly evaded the maneuver. Capitalizing on this opening, Balor retaliated with a barrage of punches, culminating in a devastating face buster and a powerful clothesline.

    Hayes demonstrated his resilience with a springboard clothesline, nearly securing the victory. Continuing his offensive onslaught, Hayes delivered a forearm strike in the corner, only to be met with a determined clothesline from Balor. Balor's relentless assault continued as he unleashed a flurry of well-placed kicks, displaying his signature sling blade maneuver. Balor prepared for his running dropkick, but Hayes countered with a well-timed super kick.
  • 27 Jun 2023 02:27:32 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Balor executed a swift double-leg takedown, swiftly followed by a barrage of punches. He continued his offensive assault with a series of punishing kicks directed at Hayes, swiftly transitioning to a chokehold in the corner. Balor demonstrated his dominance with a sharp chop and unleashed a series of shoulder thrusts in the corner. The relentless assault continued as Balor connected with a powerful punch, swiftly transitioning into a snap mare and delivering a series of forearm strikes.

    Showing his technical prowess, Balor applied a reverse chin lock, exerting pressure on his opponent. He seamlessly transitioned into a side headlock, further asserting his control over Hayes. However, Hayes managed to counter with a well-timed dropkick, temporarily halting Balor's momentum. Seizing the opportunity, Hayes attempted to trap Balor in the ropes, delivering a well-placed kick to the back followed by an impressive Fadeaway maneuver. Momentum shifted in Hayes' favor as he executed a daring pescado maneuver.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:16:40 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Carmelo Hayes Vs Finn Balor in a Non-Title Match

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:14:48 am UTC / 10 months ago
    As the match concludes, Kevin springs into action, launching a fierce assault on Kaiser and Gunther. Despite his valiant efforts, Kevin finds himself overwhelmed by their combined strength and resilience.

    Suddenly, the arena erupts with the distinctive sound of Riddle's entrance music, signaling his arrival. With a fiery determination, Riddle charges towards Vinci, unleashing a powerful strike with his crutch, leaving Vinci reeling from the impact. Seizing the opportunity, Riddle swiftly turns his attention to Gunther, delivering a resounding blow with the crutch as well. Witnessing this spectacle, Kevin regains his composure and swiftly executes a devastating kick followed by a stunner on Kaiser, incapacitating him.

    Amidst the chaos, a captivating video package highlighting the exceptional skills and journey of Carmelo Hayes captivates the audience, shedding light on his remarkable rise in the world of professional wrestling.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:14:13 am UTC / 10 months ago
    WINNER: Gunther

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:14:00 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Sami swiftly guides Gunther back into the ring, positioning him near the turnbuckles. With precision and strength, Sami executes an explosive exploder suplex, driving Gunther forcefully into the turnbuckles. Sensing an opportunity to strike decisively, Sami readies himself for the impactful Helluva Kick. However, Gunther and Kaiser cunningly divert the referee's attention, providing Vinci an opening to strike Sami with his crutch. Exploiting this advantage, Gunther seizes Sami and forcefully slams him down with a powerbomb, securing the three-count for the victory.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:05:59 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Sami gathers his strength, rising to his feet and delivering a resounding Blue Thunder Bomb for another near fall. Taking to the turnbuckles, Sami leaps off, only to be met with a punishing chop from Gunther, yet Sami valiantly kicks out. Capitalizing on the moment, Gunther strikes with a knee before ascending the turnbuckles, executing a frog splash for yet another near fall. Kaiser climbs onto the apron, provoking Kevin, who retaliates with a flurry of punches. Meanwhile, Gunther swiftly responds with a roundhouse kick to Kevin, but Sami takes matters into his own hands, executing a magnificent flip dive onto Gunther, turning the tables.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:05:54 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Sami manages to block Gunther's chop by landing a well-timed kick. Seizing the opportunity, Sami kicks Gunther from the turnbuckles and attempts a tornado DDT, but Gunther halts Sami's momentum with a retaliatory chop. Gunther positions himself for a superplex, but Sami fights back with a series of punches to thwart the maneuver. Sami then executes a sunset flip powerbomb, resulting in a close near fall. Continuing the onslaught, Sami delivers fierce forearms, only to be met with Gunther's impactful uppercut. Sami persistently attempts clotheslines, but Gunther manages to stay upright. Undeterred, Sami connects with a clothesline of his own, yet Gunther counters the subsequent Blue Thunder Bomb attempt, transitioning smoothly into a sleeper hold with a body scissors.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:05:48 am UTC / 10 months ago
    As we return, Sami unleashes a barrage of punches, but Gunther counters with a stinging chop, sending Sami crashing down. Gunther follows up with a powerful European uppercut, displaying his striking prowess. Charging into the corner, Gunther thwarts Sami's attempts at an exploder suplex twice, displaying his defensive skills. With a forceful chop, Gunther sends Sami sprawling to the mat, delivering a series of relentless chops thereafter. Meanwhile, Kevin interjects with some words directed at Gunther, creating a verbal exchange.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:05:19 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Gunther (with Ludwig Kaiser) Vs Sami Zayn (with Kevin Owens)

    Gunther executes a proficient side headlock takedown, earning himself a near fall. He follows up with another skillful side headlock takedown, asserting his dominance. Gunther delivers a powerful shoulder tackle, maintaining control with the side headlock. Sami counters with an arm drag, swiftly transitioning into an arm bar. Gunther retaliates with a well-placed knee to the midsection, followed by a precise European uppercut. However, Gunther misses a chop, allowing Sami to respond with a retaliatory chop and a series of punches. Sami expertly evades Gunther's splash attempt, sending him crashing into the turnbuckles. Seizing the opportunity, Sami ascends the ropes, preparing to strike Gunther, but Vinci emerges at ringside, hobbling on crutches.

    Capitalizing on the distraction, Gunther catches Sami mid-springboard maneuver and executes a flawless German suplex, showcasing his technical prowess.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:04:24 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Returning from the break, we see Becky walking in the backstage area and encounters Rhea. Rhea warns Becky that winning on Saturday and considering a cash-in would be her biggest mistake.

    Becky confidently responds, reminiscing about her time as champion and how she defended the title in every town. She asserts that Rhea is now merely a side piece and claims that she doesn't need the title—the title needs her. Becky admits that she wants to win just to witness Rhea's discomfort, making her squirm in frustration.
  • 27 Jun 2023 02:04:17 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Becky reacts by throwing a punch at Trish, triggering a brawl involving all six competitors. Becky sends Trish and Zoey to the outside, while Bayley and Iyo team up against Becky. However, Zelina interjects, hitting Iyo with her flip flop and then delivering punches and knees to Bayley. Iyo retaliates with a dropkick to Zelina. As Becky leans against the top rope, Iyo executes a breathtaking moonsault onto everyone except Becky Lynch.

    Becky seizes the opportunity, dragging a ladder into the center of the ring. She kisses the briefcase and triumphantly removes it, signifying her hypothetical victory if this were Saturday's match.

    Cathy Kelley conducts an interview backstage with Carmelo Hayes, who shares his excitement about his first Raw match against Finn Balor. Hayes mentions being invited by Seth Rollins, the reigning World Champion, and expresses his honor to be part of Raw. While Hayes does not aspire to be like Seth as a performer, he does aspire to be a champion like him. Hayes emphasizes that he won't hold back, even if it means going out in a blaze of glory. He understands the need to take risks and won't let any opportunities slip away.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:04:09 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Amidst the chaotic exchange of words, Becky remains silent, observing the interactions.

    Trish steps forward, proclaiming that she sees a group of little girls. She asserts that she was needed to save the women's division and emphasizes that she is not a little girl but a woman—a woman who is the best and greatest at what she does. Trish acknowledges that it will be her first ladder match, but when she makes history on Saturday, she expects gratitude from all for being part of such a momentous occasion. She challenges Becky, questioning whether she will be man enough to say "Thank you, Trish" after losing.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:04:00 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Corey begins explaining the rules, but Bayley interrupts, asserting that the audience is foolish and breaking into a cackle. She claims to be the only winner among the group and takes charge since she believes she has the best chance of winning, closely followed by Iyo.

    Iyo responds by stating that may the best woman win, while Zelina expresses her frustration with Bayley and Iyo's constant belittlement of others. Zelina acknowledges Becky's accomplishments but points out her lack of success in Money in the Bank. Zoey is dismissed as a groupie, and Trish is acknowledged as a legend but deemed inexperienced in ladder matches. Zelina confidently declares that she will prove everyone wrong alongside Santos by bringing Money in the Bank to the LWO.
  • 27 Jun 2023 02:03:53 am UTC / 10 months ago
    We transition to The Viking Raiders, who express their frustration at not hearing from the gods for weeks. They believe they must commit a heinous act to regain the gods' attention, particularly targeting Alpha Academy in a magnificent display.

    Trish Stratus and Zoey Star make their grand entrance to the ring, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

    After the commercial break, we return to find a ladder set up in the ring.

    Becky Lynch makes her captivating entrance, capturing the crowd's attention.

    Meanwhile, during the commercial break, Iyo Sky and Bayley, accompanied by Zelina Vega, also make their way to the ring.
  • 27 Jun 2023 02:02:54 am UTC / 10 months ago
    WINNER: Dominik Mysterio
  • 27 Jun 2023 02:02:44 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Tozawa quickly recovers and executes a precise head scissors takedown, followed by a devastating Shining Wizard. Seizing the momentum, Tozawa ascends to the top turnbuckle, launching himself in a cannonball-like maneuver to further inflict damage upon Dom. As Dom rolls to the outside, Tozawa prepares for a suicide dive and successfully connects with the high-risk move, crashing into Dom with incredible force. Tozawa then guides Dom back into the ring, but his attention is momentarily diverted by the presence of Rhea.

    Exploiting the distraction, Dom trips Tozawa, causing him to awkwardly straddle the ring ropes. Seizing the opportunity, Dom ascends to the top turnbuckle and gracefully executes a frog splash, crashing down upon Tozawa for the three-count, securing his victory in the match.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:02:40 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Dominik Mysterio (with Rhea Ripley) Vs Akira Tozawa

    Dominik unleashes a barrage of forearms and kicks upon Tozawa, displaying his aggression and skill. With confidence, Dom climbs the turnbuckles, striking an imposing pose. He follows up with a series of punches and knees, asserting his dominance in the match. Tozawa manages to block one of Dom's punches and retaliates with a flurry of punches of his own. Dom counters with a well-timed knee strike, sending Tozawa crashing to the mat.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:01:58 am UTC / 10 months ago
    At that moment, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens make their presence known, approaching Gunther and Kaiser. Kaiser dismissively tells them to continue on their way, but Kevin and Sami insist on having a reason for being there. Sami emphasizes that it's because of what they did to Matt Riddle, convincing Kevin that he genuinely cares about the situation. Sami declares their intention to take action against it.

    In response, Kaiser warns them to be cautious with their words, hinting that The Ring General will teach Sami a similar lesson to the one he taught Kevin a few weeks ago. Kevin retorts that he learned nothing from Gunther, while Sami asserts that Gunther may have defeated Kevin, but it took the combined efforts of three individuals. Sami proposes a one-on-one match between him and Gunther, aiming to keep the odds even.

    Gunther, unimpressed, accuses Sami of wanting to ride on his coattails, just like Kevin and Riddle. Gunther allows Sami to be his guest in the match, as Kevin and Sami walk away, presumably to prepare for the upcoming confrontation.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:01:53 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Singles Match: Miz Vs Tommaso Ciampa

    As Ciampa makes his way to the ring, Miz launches a surprise attack from behind, striking Ciampa with a powerful punch. He forcefully throws Ciampa into the ringside barrier, followed by slamming his leg against the apron. Miz delivers a boot to Ciampa's head, further asserting his dominance. With a contemptuous attitude, Miz executes a suplex, driving Ciampa into the unforgiving ringside barrier, and proceeds to mock his fallen opponent.

    The referee intervenes, pulling Miz away from Ciampa to restore order and ensure Ciampa's safety. However, Miz seizes the opportunity to grab Ciampa once again, subjecting him to the devastating Skull Crushing Finale on the unforgiving floor. Meanwhile, Gunther and Kaiser are seen in the backstage area, and Kaiser officially confirms that Matt Riddle will face Gunther at Money in the Bank.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:00:22 am UTC / 10 months ago
    However, before Seth can finish his address, Finn Balor emerges with a chair in hand. Seth intervenes and lands a punch on Finn, but Finn responds with a swift kick to Seth's ribs. In a scuffle, Seth sends Finn into the turnbuckles when Finn tries to use the chair once more. Finn retaliates by sending Seth into the ring steps, followed by crashing him into the edge of the announce table. Finn continues his assault, targeting Seth's injured ribs. As Finn reaches for another chair, Carmelo Hayes intervenes, preventing Finn from further attacking Seth. Seth seizes the opportunity and clotheslines Finn over the ringside barrier, causing Finn to be swallowed by the crowd.

    The scene shifts, and a recap of Miz's encounter with Tommaso Ciampa from the previous week is shown. We then witness Tommaso Ciampa in a backstage interview with Byron Saxton earlier in the day. Ciampa reveals that during his nine months of recovery from surgery, Miz never reached out to him, highlighting Miz's lack of contact. Ciampa shares that people had warned him about Miz, and he views this injury as a blessing in disguise. Reflecting on the 275 days he spent contemplating why he played second fiddle to Miz, Ciampa emphasizes his ability to create his own opportunities.

    As the segment concludes, Miz is seen walking through the backstage area. The broadcast heads into a commercial break, and it is announced that Finn Balor will be facing Carmelo Hayes later in the evening.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:00:17 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Shifting focus to his own championship bout, Seth reveals that at Money in the Bank, he will be facing Finn Balor. Seth recalls posing a question a few weeks ago: Which Finn Balor will emerge at the event? He claims to have received an answer in abundance when Finn attacked him last week on Raw and subsequently at NXT, attempting to render his ribs into dust. However, Seth proudly asserts that despite the attacks, he still stands tall. Addressing Finn directly, Seth taunts him, stating that he must hand it to him for being the smartest and most dangerous version of himself yet. Seth suggests that Finn will continue to lurk in the shadows, waiting for the opportune moment to reclaim what Seth took from him seven years ago.

    Acknowledging that he is not at 100 percent tonight and won't be at Money in the Bank, Seth asserts that Finn has not accounted for his resilience and determination. Seth boldly promises that when it's just the two of them, the best version of Finn Balor will pale in comparison to the best version of Seth Rollins. Seth concludes by remarking that it will be a bitter pill for Finn to swallow.

  • 27 Jun 2023 02:00:07 am UTC / 10 months ago
    We return from the commercial break, and WWE Champion Seth Rollins strides into the ring, greeted by the cheers of the crowd. Seth extends a warm welcome to the audience, declaring it Monday Night Rollins. He announces the presence of a special guest in the arena, none other than Carmelo Hayes, who is acknowledged by the fans. Seth expresses gratitude to Carmelo for having his back last week on NXT and emphasizes their shared trait of being fighting champions—the two fliest dudes in the room. Encouraging Carmelo, Seth instructs him to dominate Baron Corbin in their upcoming match.

  • 27 Jun 2023 01:58:36 am UTC / 10 months ago
    During Finn's lowest point, Seth callously laughed in his face, driven by spite and envy. That act of ridicule, born out of Seth's actions, is something Finn will never forget. Finn clarifies that he is not inherently bitter; rather, Seth's actions have made him so. While Seth seems to possess everything, with fans adoring his flamboyant attire and chanting along to his theme song, Finn dismisses these superficial matters as inconsequential. What truly matters to Finn is seeking vengeance and reclaiming the World Championship. After an arduous wait of seven years and enduring the losses inflicted by Seth, Finn is determined to reclaim it all. He asserts that the only sound Seth will hear is the ringing in his ears as Finn is announced as the new World Champion—an outcome that will undoubtedly be a difficult pill for Seth to swallow.

    As the scene shifts, Seth Rollins walks through the backstage area, and the broadcast cuts to a commercial break.

  • 27 Jun 2023 01:58:32 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Finn firmly asserts that the individual Seth desired from seven years ago is now deceased, replaced by someone far more menacing. Addressing Seth directly, Finn refutes his claim that Finn grew bitter while Seth improved. Finn transports them back to SummerSlam 2016, where despite enduring numerous injuries, he emerged victorious over Seth. Finn emphasizes the extent of his physical struggle, as he could barely raise his arm to hold the championship belt, a title he was unfortunately forced to relinquish. Yet, Finn asserts that this is not where their issues originate.

  • 27 Jun 2023 01:57:39 am UTC / 10 months ago
    WINNER: Ronda Rousey
  • 27 Jun 2023 01:57:24 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Raquel follows up with a powerful shoulder tackle and attempts a power slam, only for Ronda to evade the move. Seizing an opportunity, Ronda rolls up Raquel and applies an ankle lock. Raquel forcefully kicks Ronda away, preventing her from securing the cross arm breaker. Raquel counters by blocking the submission hold and executing a fallaway slam. Building momentum, Raquel charges into the corner with a splash, immediately followed by another impactful fallaway slam.

    Raquel prepares to execute a twisting Vader Bomb elbow drop, but Shayna Baszler intervenes by pulling Ronda out of harm's way. As Raquel crashes onto the mat, Liv Morgan takes action against Shayna on the outside. Meanwhile, Ronda capitalizes on the distraction, rolling up Raquel for the crucial three-count, securing the victory.

  • 27 Jun 2023 01:57:21 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Ronda Rousey (with Shayna Baszler) Vs Raquel Rodriguez (with Liv Morgan)

    They engage in a lock-up, and Raquel forcefully takes Ronda down to the mat. Raquel's attempt at a kick misses its mark, allowing Ronda to counter with a kick of her own. Raquel successfully blocks Ronda's punches, but Ronda retaliates with a well-placed kick and locks in a guillotine choke. In a display of strength, Raquel manages to counter with a suplex. Raquel's subsequent splash into the corner falls short as Ronda delivers a knee strike in the corner and applies a cross arm breaker within the ropes. Ronda then hoists Raquel onto her shoulders, but Raquel skillfully escapes the predicament.

  • 27 Jun 2023 01:56:22 am UTC / 10 months ago
    A commercial break interrupts the action.

    Returning from the break, Adam Pearce is shown talking on the phone. Dom and Rhea approach him, expressing their desire for a match to showcase Dom's abilities and what he has in store for Cody at Money in the Bank. Dom proposes the idea of the perfect opponent for the match. Rhea whispers something in Dom's ear, prompting him to agree and inform Pearce that he will get back to him soon.

    Following this backstage segment, a video package promoting the upcoming Money in the Bank event airs, providing viewers with a glimpse of what they can expect from the highly anticipated pay-per-view.

  • 27 Jun 2023 01:56:18 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Riddle expresses his frustration, stating that he's fed up with Gunther hiding behind his muscle-bound allies. Kaiser suddenly appears, interjecting that Riddle should think twice before challenging Gunther, implying that Riddle deserved the punishment for harming Vinci.

    Riddle quickly reminds Kaiser that he defeated him just last week.

    Kaiser asserts that such a defeat will not be repeated.

    Unwilling to tolerate Kaiser's words, Riddle throws a punch, leading to a physical altercation between the two. Kaiser gains the upper hand, bringing Riddle down to the floor. Seizing the opportunity, Kaiser restrains Riddle, and just then, Gunther arrives on the scene. Gunther confidently accepts Riddle's challenge, immediately targeting and ruthlessly stomping on Riddle's ankle.

  • 27 Jun 2023 01:56:08 am UTC / 10 months ago
    We are presented with a video package highlighting Riddle's triumphant victory over Kaiser from the previous week.

    Byron Saxton catches up with Riddle backstage earlier in the day, where Riddle boldly challenges Gunther for the Intercontinental Title.

    Now, Byron interviews Riddle once again, expressing concerns about the potential consequences after what occurred last week.

  • 27 Jun 2023 01:55:07 am UTC / 10 months ago
    WINNER: Ricochet
  • 27 Jun 2023 01:54:56 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Upon returning, Nakamura delivers a series of elbows. Ricochet displays remarkable agility, landing gracefully on his feet during a suplex attempt. Ricochet responds with a forearm strike, causing Nakamura to stumble into the corner. Ricochet capitalizes on the opening, landing kicks and executing a handspring back elbow. He follows it up with a shooting star press, narrowly missing a victory. Ricochet then attempts a quebrada, but Nakamura smartly lifts his knees to block the maneuver. Nakamura counters with a gourdbuster and targets Ricochet's ribs with knee strikes. Nakamura proceeds with another knee strike, setting up for a reverse exploder suplex, which he successfully executes. Nakamura readies himself for his signature Kinshasa knee strike, but Ricochet evades it, instead hitting a move called Recoil for a close near fall. Ricochet positions Nakamura once again, preparing for an aerial assault. He ascends the turnbuckle and flawlessly lands a shooting star press for the decisive three-count.
  • 27 Jun 2023 01:54:52 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Nakamura drags Ricochet to the apron, but Ricochet responds with an enzuigiri. Both competitors engage in a furious exchange of kicks before toppling to the floor. Bronson Reed, observing the match from ringside, rises to his feet, applauding their exceptional performance thus far. Ricochet delivers a forearm, and Nakamura retaliates. They continue trading blows, with Ricochet landing an enzuigiri on Reed, while Nakamura also kicks Reed.

    The action returns to the ring as Ricochet unleashes an elbow strike and follows it up with a baseball slide to Reed. Nakamura delivers a kick to Reed, prompting the referee to intervene and escort Reed backstage. Reed vents his frustration by attacking the ringside steps, leading to a commercial break.

  • 27 Jun 2023 01:54:45 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Singles Match: Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Ricochet

    Shinsuke Nakamura forcefully hurls Ricochet into the turnbuckles, following it up with a choking maneuver. Nakamura executes a knee drop, aiming for a pinfall but only manages a near fall. He continues his assault with a knee strike and a head kick. Anticipating a kick, Nakamura blocks it and retaliates with a spinning back elbow. However, Nakamura misses a boot, allowing Ricochet to attempt a handstand head scissors takedown. Nakamura cleverly counters with a well-placed kick to the midsection. Ricochet retaliates with an impactful axe kick. Momentarily, Ricochet attempts to hoist Nakamura on his shoulders, but Nakamura quickly escapes and locks in a sleeper hold. Ricochet counters with a snap mare, causing Nakamura to tumble over the top rope onto the apron. Seizing the opportunity, Nakamura applies a sleeper and utilizes a body scissors, utilizing the ropes to his advantage.

  • 27 Jun 2023 01:53:30 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Dominik reconsiders and returns to the ring, perching himself on the apron. However, he remains vigilant, refusing to fall for Cody's scheme.

    Cody observes Dominik's hesitation and departure, acknowledging that his tactics of launching cheap shots have indeed been effective. Cody predicts that at the upcoming event, Dominik will face an entirely different challenge. In a final provocation, Cody questions whether Dominik can measure up to the legacy of his father or if he remains merely a mama's boy.

    Meanwhile, a recap of the recent developments between Shinsuke Nakamura and Ricochet from last week's episode of Raw is shown.

    Bronson Reed is seated at ringside, ready to watch the opening match.
  • 27 Jun 2023 01:53:21 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Expressing gratitude for the lesson Dominik has taught him, Cody acknowledges the low blows he has received. With a clever remark, Cody mentions that he has heard similar comments in the past, reciting a line from a children's book, attributing it to the Cat in the Hat. He mockingly suggests that Dominik, being a fearful young boy, may resonate with such a quote.

    Frustrated, Dominik exits the ring, followed by Rhea. Cody boldly expresses his desire to face Dominik, citing that Damian Priest didn't shy away from him either. He challenges Dominik to prove himself and even offers him a free shot at that very moment.
  • 27 Jun 2023 01:53:12 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Cody begins by deciphering Dominik's intentions, implying that he understands what the young Mysterio was trying to achieve. With a touch of sarcasm, Cody welcomes everyone to Raw, mirroring Dominik's earlier attempt.

    Rhea interrupts, declaring that Cody can try to intimidate Dominik all he wants, but Dominik is a formidable opponent.

    Although Dominik tries to speak up, his words are drowned out by a chorus of boos from the audience. He leans in and whispers something to Rhea, who then announces that Dominik will demonstrate just how dangerous he can be against Cody.
  • 27 Jun 2023 01:53:01 am UTC / 10 months ago
    Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio find themselves inside the squared circle, ready to address the audience.

    Dominik attempts to extend his greetings to the crowd, but Rhea intervenes, insisting that she should handle the talking. She proceeds to label Cody as an imitator and a failure, claiming that his recent progress has been slowing down. And at the upcoming Money in the Bank event...

    Abruptly, Cody Rhodes' entrance theme echoes throughout the arena, signaling his arrival. Cody confidently strides towards the ring, while Dominik positions himself behind Rhea on the apron.
  • 26 Jun 2023 06:07:06 pm UTC / 10 months ago
    We will be live once the show starts off!
Here is the live coverage for this week's Monday Night Raw, which is scheduled to air on June 26, 2023, live from EnMarket Arena in Savannah, GA.

Monday Night Raw currently airs live on Monday evenings on the USA Network from 8:00 ET–11:00 PM ET in the United States. WWE Raw starts live at 1 am in the UK on BT Sport 1 on Tuesday mornings.

WWE Raw Time In Australia: It airs live on Tuesdays at 10 am (AEST) on Fox8

WWE Raw Time In Canada: Fans can watch it on OLN Canada or Sportsnet subscribers can stream WWE RAW for free on Monday Night RAW will return to Sportsnet 360 in mid-May.

WWE Raw Time In South Africa: The show also airs live on Supersport in South Africa on Tuesdays at 02:00 am CAT

Raw Time In Arab world: Raw airs in the Arab world on MBC Action on Mondays at 8 PM Egypt Standard Time, on FM1 in Iran, and on Sport 1 and Sport 1 HD in Israel. Raw further began airing on D-Smart in Turkey.

Raw Time In Italy: In Italy, Raw airs live on Dplay 2:00 pm

WWE Raw Time In India: Raw airs live on Sony Ten 1 HD and Sony Ten 1 in India at 5:30 am

--WWE Raw Commentator--

Kevin Patrick (play-by-play commentator), Corey Graves (color commentator)

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