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WWE Monday Night Raw Results June 12, 2023: Live Coverage, Winners, Commentary, Recap

WWE Monday Night Raw Results June 12, 2023: Live Coverage, Winners, Commentary, Recap

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WWE Monday Night Raw June 12, 2023, Ongoing Results & Full Recap

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  • 13 Jun 2023 03:00:38 am UTC / 11 months ago
    WINNERS: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens (retain championship)
  • 13 Jun 2023 03:00:23 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Gunther and Owens exchange punches on the floor, and Gunther forcefully sends Owens into the ring post.

    Suddenly, Matt Riddle emerges, and officials quickly restrain him. Riddle attempts a spin move, but Gunther counters with a well-placed boot. Owens retaliates by executing a devastating DDT on Gunther, right on the ramp.

    Sami enters the scene and swiftly executes a Blue Thunder Bomb, resulting in a successful three count.

  • 13 Jun 2023 02:59:13 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Sami and Kaiser tag in, and Sami executes an exploder into the turnbuckles.

    Sami prepares for the Helluva Kick, but Gunther pulls Sami to the floor. Gunther chops the ring post as Sami evades. Kaiser avoids a Blue Thunder Bomb and delivers a rolling Death Valley Driver. Kaiser follows up with a European uppercut after Gunther tosses Sami to him. Kaiser performs a suicide dive to Owens. Gunther lands a clothesline for a near fall. Gunther follows up with a chop, setting up another clothesline for a near fall. Kaiser tags in, and they execute the Imperium Bomb. However, Owens pushes Gunther on top of Sami and Kaiser to break up the cover.

  • 13 Jun 2023 02:58:22 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Continuing his onslaught, Owens delivers a thunderous super kick to Gunther, swiftly followed by a gravity-defying cannonball maneuver. Undeterred, Owens escalates the intensity by executing a breathtaking swanton, coming agonizingly close to securing a victory. However, Kaiser's interference momentarily distracts Owens, allowing Gunther to capitalize with a skillfully executed roll-up pin, resulting in a near fall. In a thrilling turn of events, Gunther manages to evade Owens' potential stunner, retaliating with a devastating boot to the head.
  • 13 Jun 2023 02:58:13 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Sami orchestrates a breathtaking sunset flip power bomb maneuver, causing both himself and Kaiser to be left sprawled on the canvas, momentarily incapacitated. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Gunther and Owens make a timely tag, with Kevin unleashing a relentless assault of chops and forearm strikes. Despite Owens' formidable efforts, Gunther remains steadfast on his feet, impervious to the impact of the clotheslines. Displaying his resilience, Gunther retaliates with a forceful boot, only for Owens to respond with a determined clothesline, followed by a punishing back senton. Owens further showcases his strength with a reverse exploder suplex, punctuated by a resounding punch to Kaiser, who lurks menacingly on the apron.

  • 13 Jun 2023 02:50:19 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Unfazed by Sami's tenacity, Kaiser maneuvers his opponent into the corner, delivering a series of punishing punches. Sami, undeterred, rallies back, propelling Kaiser with an Irish whip and subsequently launching himself off the turnbuckles, connecting with an emphatic elbow drop, narrowly missing a pinfall. The tide turns as Kevin tags into the match, exhibiting his own impressive skill set. With precision and agility, Kevin executes a drop toe hold, swiftly followed by a back senton. Capitalizing on the momentum, Kevin lands a forceful boot to Kaiser's chest, punctuated by an awe-inspiring moonsault, resulting in a close near fall. Undeterred, Kaiser unleashes a flurry of punches, met with an equally relentless barrage from Kevin.
  • 13 Jun 2023 02:50:16 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Following a brief commercial break, Sami reignites the action by unleashing a barrage of punches upon Kaiser. Not to be outdone, Kaiser retaliates with a potent punch of his own, swiftly transitioning into a commanding side headlock. Demonstrating his raw power, Kaiser bulldozes Sami with a powerful shoulder tackle. However, Sami quickly counters with an agile arm drag, seamlessly transitioning into an arm bar submission.

  • 13 Jun 2023 02:50:07 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Gunther and Sami commence the bout, engaging in a lock-up to kick things off. Gunther swiftly asserts his dominance, forcing Sami to succumb to the mat. Another lock-up follows, but this time Gunther's chop attempt falls short, leading to a flurry of retaliatory chops from Sami. Unfazed, Gunther swiftly overpowers Sami, driving him to the mat before executing a well-placed kick and a resounding European uppercut. Maintaining control, Gunther employs a side headlock takedown, punctuated by a series of precise European uppercuts. Sensing an opportunity, Sami deftly evades Gunther's onslaught, causing the determined competitor to inadvertently tumble over the top rope and onto the unforgiving floor. Exhibiting his high-flying prowess, Sami seizes the moment and gracefully executes a flip dive, crashing onto Gunther outside the ring.

  • 13 Jun 2023 02:44:04 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Vs Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser for the WWE Men's Tag Team Championship
  • 13 Jun 2023 02:43:48 am UTC / 11 months ago
    In a tantalizing revelation, Seth announces that the following week will bring yet another opportunity for aspiring challengers. An open challenge awaits, inviting any brave soul to step forward and test their mettle against the masterful Seth Rollins.

    Adding to the excitement, it is revealed that the esteemed Logan Paul will grace the Raw stage the following week, promising a captivating presence and electrifying moments. Additionally, fans can anticipate an enthralling clash between the formidable Bronson Reed and the incomparable Shinsuke Nakamura in a match that will surely set the stage ablaze.
  • 13 Jun 2023 02:43:45 am UTC / 11 months ago
    In the backstage area, Cathy engages in an interview with the enigmatic Seth Rollins, delving into his upcoming clash against the relentless Finn Balor and inquiring whether he is truly prepared to face such a formidable opponent.

    Seth's laughter reverberates through the air as he responds, his confidence evident in his words. He asserts that he is as prepared and self-assured as any individual can possibly be. But the question remains: Is Finn Balor truly prepared to face the full force of Seth Rollins? The outcome of their encounter at Money in the Bank will not only witness Finn's defeat but might also attract the wrath of Damian Priest, lurking in the shadows. Seth chuckles once more, relishing the chaos that lies in his wake.

  • 13 Jun 2023 02:34:06 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Meanwhile, Finn engages in a conversation with JD McDonagh about the notion of making friends. Their discussion is interrupted when Damian Priest makes an appearance, causing JD to depart from the scene. Finn extends his congratulations to Damian for securing a spot in the Money in the Bank event. In a seemingly good mood, Finn inquires whether Damian would utilize the cash-in opportunity against him. Damian responds by alluding to Seth's influence on Finn, implying that Finn's recent actions have been erratic. However, Damian challenges Finn to make it worthwhile, suggesting that at Money in the Bank, Finn can bring closure to the situation.
  • 13 Jun 2023 02:34:03 am UTC / 11 months ago
    In their encounter, Rhea Ripley conveys her belief that everyone around her has ulterior motives and attempts to control their circumstances like rats. She asserts that their efforts at control are futile and portrays herself as the antagonist, refusing to conform to the established order and claiming superiority as the apex predator. Rhea identifies herself as the Eradicator, representing brutality and embodying the essence of who she is.

  • 13 Jun 2023 02:33:25 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Meanwhile, as Valhalla charges at Maxxine, she gracefully evades the attack and counters with a lightning-fast arm drag.

    Back in the ring, Chad catches Erik off guard with a skillful sunset flip, resulting in a surprising three-count and securing the victory.

    WINNER: Chad Gable
  • 13 Jun 2023 02:33:11 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Erik emits a fierce growl, prompting Chad to swiftly shush him in response. Seizing the opportunity, Chad flawlessly executes an arm drag, seamlessly transitioning into an arm bar. Erik retaliates with a powerful forearm strike and a knee to Chad's midsection, followed by another impactful forearm. Determined to gain the upper hand, Erik hoists Chad onto the turnbuckles, but Chad counters with a double thrust, causing Erik to crash to the mat. seizing the moment, Chad leaps from the turnbuckles, delivering a diving headbutt with precision.

  • 13 Jun 2023 02:25:11 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Chad Gable (with Otis and Maxxine Dupri) Vs Erik (with Ivar and Valhalla)

  • 13 Jun 2023 02:24:42 am UTC / 11 months ago
    On the apron, Ronda makes her presence known. Shayna capitalizes on the distraction, rolling up Raquel, and Ronda assists by placing her foot on Raquel's rear end, leading to the three-count.

    WINNER: Shayna Baszler
  • 13 Jun 2023 02:24:27 am UTC / 11 months ago
    They lock up, and Raquel pushes Shayna away. Shayna applies a wrist lock, but Raquel swiftly lifts Shayna and executes a fallaway slam, followed by a corner splash and another fallaway slam. Shayna retreats to the floor as Raquel attempts a double jump Vader Bomb Elbow. However, Raquel misses her kick, and her leg becomes entangled in the ropes. Seizing the opportunity, Shayna delivers a kick to the back of Raquel's leg. Shayna focuses her attack on the leg, stomping on the heel. Raquel counters with a clothesline and proceeds to deliver kicks to Shayna's hamstring. She then ascends the turnbuckles and executes a twisting elbow drop.

  • 13 Jun 2023 02:10:57 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Raquel Rodriguez Vs Shayna Baszler (with Ronda Rousey)
  • 13 Jun 2023 02:09:07 am UTC / 11 months ago
    However, Seth questions which version of Finn will show up in London. He dismisses the bitter, depleted champion, claiming that he stands no chance. But the Finn Balor who defeated him to become the first Universal Champion, he has a fighting chance. Seth asks Finn if he will bring that Finn Balor to Money in the Bank or if he will continue to portray himself as a disgruntled individual for the past seven years.

    Seth exits the ring.

  • 13 Jun 2023 02:08:59 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Seth chuckles and states that Kansas is too kind. He clarifies that his laughter isn't because Finn sang his promo out of the building but because this is the Finn Balor he has been eagerly waiting to see for the past seven years. Seth acknowledges that their career trajectories have been different since their first Universal Title match. While one of them grew bitter, the other grew better.

    Seth admits to having done some regrettable things over the years but also takes pride in the memories, history, and unforgettable moments he has created for the fans. He attributes this success to his ability to change, adapt, and roll with the punches, leading him to become the greatest version of Seth Rollins. He offers Finn a shot at the World Championship at Money in the Bank, presenting it as proof of his greatness.
  • 13 Jun 2023 02:05:57 am UTC / 11 months ago
    However, Finn emphasizes that this is not a lighthearted matter and requests the crowd to stop their chants. He talks about the injuries he suffered at the hands of Seth and acknowledges that injuries are a part of this business. But what bothered him the most, apart from the annoying audience, was the fact that people don't truly know him and have a negative perception of him.

    Finn then confronts Seth, blaming him for taking away everything from him. Seth took his momentum, his championship title, and an entire year from his career. Finn declares that it's now his turn to take it all back from Seth. He intends to seize Seth's momentum, his title, and make him experience a year of setbacks. Finn states that he will accomplish this at Money in the Bank.
  • 13 Jun 2023 02:05:54 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Finn Balor makes his way to the ring alone, calling out Seth Rollins for a serious conversation without any distractions. He expresses that he has been waiting for this moment for seven years and doesn't want to wait any longer. Finn reminds everyone of his accomplishments, being a first-round pick on Raw and defeating Roman Reigns in his first match. He also mentions defeating Seth to become the inaugural Universal Champion.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:58:01 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Ricochet, visibly frustrated, turned to Nakamura and asserted that he didn't ask for his assistance and didn't need it. He warned Nakamura that if he interfered again, they might have to settle their differences in a last man standing match before Money in the Bank.

    Nakamura, unfazed by Ricochet's words, confidently proclaimed that it was his turn to succeed where Ricochet had failed. He assured Ricochet that once he was done with him, he could have his rematch against Reed.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:57:51 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Adam Pearce's voice boomed over the phone, announcing that the tag team title match was now officially scheduled as the main event. Ricochet, puzzled by the sudden turn of events, sought clarification. He expressed his desire for a rematch against Bronson Reed the following week.

    Adam Pearce responded, stating that Reed already had a match scheduled for next week. Just as the tension began to rise, Shinsuke Nakamura made his entrance, interjecting himself into the conversation. Pearce informed Ricochet that his match would indeed be against Nakamura.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:50:47 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Sami, concerned, asked Kevin if he was alright. Kevin, in response, casually asked Sami if he wanted a drink as he went to fetch some water. Moments later, Finn Balor made his entrance in the backstage area, and the scene transitioned to a commercial break, leaving the fans eager for more action.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:50:41 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Meanwhile, Sami approached Kevin, expressing the need for preparedness in case the match turned out to be for the titles. Sami inquired about Kevin's recent outbursts and apparent agitation. Kevin replied, stating that he was not operating at full capacity; rather, he felt like he was functioning at a mere six or six and a half on a scale of ten. He attributed this to the accumulated months of stress and the constant presence of the Bloodline, a formidable group. Adding to his grievances, Kevin complained about their opponents, who happened to be taller than him and conversed in European languages.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:50:36 am UTC / 11 months ago
    After the intense match, the referee had to physically restrain Nakamura from attacking Reed, as tensions ran high. Ricochet engaged in a heated argument with Nakamura, while Reed, fueled by anger, executed a powerful running body block on Nakamura, knocking Ricochet down in the process. Seizing the opportunity, Reed swiftly climbed to the top turnbuckle, preparing for a devastating Tsunami move. However, Ricochet managed to intervene just in time, thwarting Reed's plans. Nakamura, undeterred, regained his composure and readied himself for a superplex. Sensing an opportunity to team up, Ricochet joined Nakamura, resulting in a spectacular double superplex that sent shockwaves throughout the arena.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:48:22 am UTC / 11 months ago
    WINNER: Bronson Reed (by disqualification)

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:48:08 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Reed hurls Ricochet back into the ring, positioning himself on the top turnbuckle. However, before Reed can execute his high-flying maneuver, Nakamura intervenes with a well-placed kick to the head. The impact is significant enough for the referee to promptly signal for the bell, signaling an end to the match.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:45:32 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Ricochet employs a springboard round kick, causing Reed to tumble to the outside. Ricochet then attempts a moonsault off the apron, but Reed seizes the opportunity and catches Ricochet mid-air, effortlessly lawn darting him into Nakamura, who was nearby.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:44:32 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Reed retaliates by hurling Ricochet towards the apron, but Ricochet counters with an enzuigiri of his own and swiftly follows it up with a springboard dropkick, sending Reed crashing to the floor. seizing the opportunity, Ricochet launches himself into a suicide dive that propels Reed into the announce table.

    Without wasting a moment, Ricochet bounces off the ropes and executes a remarkable springboard cross body, followed by a breathtaking quebrada, earning a close near fall.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:44:29 am UTC / 11 months ago
    We return from the commercial break with Reed hoisting Ricochet onto his shoulders, but Ricochet manages to wriggle free and delivers a stunning handspring back elbow. Ricochet follows up with a series of forearm strikes and a forceful boot to Reed's head. With a defiant gesture, Ricochet flips off Reed and connects with a precise enzuigiri.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:41:33 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Suddenly, Shinsuke Nakamura enters the arena, making his way towards the ring.

    Reed lunges for a splash in the corner, but misses, allowing Ricochet to unleash a barrage of forearms. Ricochet attempts a tornado DDT, but Reed thwarts his effort by blocking it and dropping Ricochet onto the top rope before rebounding him back down to the mat. Reed finishes with a running body block, all the while maintaining a fierce stare-down with Nakamura, as the scene fades into a commercial break.
  • 13 Jun 2023 01:41:30 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Ricochet executes a dropkick and throws punches, while Reed catches him and retaliates with punches of his own. Ricochet counters with kicks aimed at Reed's legs, but Reed quickly seizes Ricochet by the throat. Ricochet fights back with a series of forearm strikes. In an attempt to gain the upper hand, Reed hurls Ricochet into the turnbuckles and follows up with a forearm strike.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:36:18 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Singles Match: Ricochet Vs Bronson Reed

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:29:45 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Kevin eagerly responds, saying that if it means he can kick their asses, he's up for it. He adds that he needs to change into the appropriate attire and walks away. Sami confidently declares to Kaiser and Gunther that they are looking at the future tag team champions.

    Gunther urges Adam Pearce to make the title match happen, and Adam responds by saying he'll have to think about it.

    We take a moment to revisit Jey's decision from Smackdown.
  • 13 Jun 2023 01:29:35 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser suddenly appear.

    Kaiser asserts that what happened to Matt Riddle last week was payback. He further claims that Kevin has already fallen to the Ring General.

    Sami retorts by pointing out that it took three of them to defeat Kevin. He then questions the whereabouts of "baldy."

    Adam Pearce arrives on the scene, and Kevin clarifies that "baldy" is indeed present. However, Sami interjects, stating that it's not the right baldy.

    Kaiser proposes that if Sami is truly confident, they should put their titles on the line.
  • 13 Jun 2023 01:29:27 am UTC / 11 months ago
    We're back, and Byron Saxton is joined by Natalya for an interview.

    Byron inquires about any changes in Natalya's mindset.

    Natalya responds that never staying the same is actually a positive thing. She admits that being herself hasn't gotten her very far, and perhaps she doesn't even know how to truly be herself.

    Byron interrupts Kevin and Sami, approaching them to discuss Kevin's recent loss. Kevin acknowledges that he came extremely close to defeating someone who seemed unbeatable.
  • 13 Jun 2023 01:20:17 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Cathy Kelley interviews Cody Rhodes backstage, asking him about the upcoming match. Cody expresses doubt that Dom would have accepted the challenge. He believes that THE Judgment Day is orchestrating a plan to injure Dom. Cody asserts that Brock won't make an appearance, and Dom won't back down. With all eyes on him, Cody insists that he will remain steadfast on his path, even after losing to Roman. Every second on his journey to concluding the story, he will be present. Cody extends his best wishes to Dom, stating that neither Dom nor Brock will deter him from his chosen path.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:20:09 am UTC / 11 months ago
    After the match, Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser make their way to the ring. Priest stands in front of Gunther, instructing them to pick the bones.

    Riddle throws a punch at Gunther, who counters with a knee strike, while Kaiser delivers a boot to Riddle's head. Kaiser slaps Riddle and follows it up with a kick. Holding Riddle in place, Kaiser allows Gunther to chop Riddle. Finally, Kaiser hands his title belt to Gunther.

    We take a moment to revisit Cody challenging Dom Mysterio to a match at Money in the Bank.
  • 13 Jun 2023 01:19:12 am UTC / 11 months ago
    WINNER: Damian Priest
  • 13 Jun 2023 01:18:48 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Riddle ascends to the top turnbuckle and executes a fisherman's superplex, nearly securing the victory. Riddle positions Priest and ascends to the top rope once again. However, Priest moves out of the way, causing Riddle to land on his feet, despite not anticipating Priest's movement. Taking advantage of the situation, Priest hits a Razor's Edge, pinning Riddle for the three-count.
  • 13 Jun 2023 01:18:45 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Riddle applies a triangle in the ropes. Priest interrupts Riddle's springboard move with a forearm strike. Priest locks Riddle's head while hanging, executing a headlock driver for a close near fall. Priest prepares for the South of Heaven, but Riddle manages to escape. Riddle retaliates with a kick to Priest and swiftly climbs to the top rope. However, Priest foils Riddle's plans by crotching him on the turnbuckles. Priest then sets up for a super Razor's Edge, but Riddle regains his footing. From the turnbuckles, Priest delivers a kick to Riddle.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:12:00 am UTC / 11 months ago
    We're back, and Riddle comes at Priest with a kick, but Priest blocks it. Riddle counters with an ankle lock, and Priest retaliates with a kick, but Riddle quickly transitions into a sleeper hold. Priest manages to get Riddle on his back and drops to the mat to break free. Riddle regains his composure and applies the sleeper hold again. However, Priest rolls through and delivers a powerful clothesline.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:08:57 am UTC / 11 months ago
    The riddle flips Priest over, causing a near fall. Priest's punches miss their mark while Riddle counters with swift kicks. Riddle delivers a powerful kick to the chest, followed by a precise Pele Kick. He then executes an explosive exploder and follows it up with a back senton. Moving gracefully to the apron, Riddle unleashes a series of punishing kicks upon Priest. Displaying remarkable agility, Riddle concludes his assault with a twisting Asai Moonsault.

    Attempting a tombstone, Riddle finds himself caught off guard as Priest manages to escape. Swiftly evading Priest's counter, Riddle responds with a flawless German suplex, coming agonizingly close to securing the victory. Riddle proceeds to rain down palm strikes upon Priest, who skillfully blocks the ensuing Pele Kick. Unfazed, Priest retaliates with a barrage of kicks and a devastating rolling elbow. Riddle, however, retaliates with a well-timed kick of his own. Just when it seems like the tides may turn, Priest catches Riddle off guard with a devastating Broken Arrow.

  • 13 Jun 2023 01:04:27 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Riddle, recovering, delivers a forearm strike in the corner, followed by more forearms. He charges at Priest with a running forearm in the corner. However, Priest blocks a kick and counters with a leaping flatliner. Priest proceeds to send Riddle into the corner, where he unleashes a flurry of punches. Riddle fights back with punches of his own, but Priest interrupts his momentum with a knee strike. Finally, Priest executes a uranage backbreaker, coming close to a pinfall victory.

    Taking control of the match, Priest stretches Riddle in the center of the ring.
  • 13 Jun 2023 01:04:20 am UTC / 11 months ago
    The Priest executes a kick and punch, followed by a forearm to the back. Then, he delivers a kick to Riddle's leg. Riddle blocks a kick and applies a standing ankle lock, but Priest manages to reach the ropes. Priest attempts a suplex, but Riddle counters with a kimura submission hold. However, Priest quickly reverses the situation and goes for a sleeper hold. In response, Priest backs Riddle into the corner and lands an elbow strike. He then sends Riddle into the turnbuckles, and Riddle retaliates with a series of forearm strikes. Riddle follows up with a flying kick and a forearm strike in the corner.

    As the action continues, Priest misses a cyclone kick, allowing Riddle to send him into the ropes. Riddle takes advantage of the situation by delivering a punch, which infuriates Priest. In his rage, Priest goes after Riddle, but Riddle drops down, causing Priest to tumble over the top rope and onto the floor. Riddle positions himself on the apron, but Priest blocks a kick and flips Riddle onto the apron instead. Priest then jumps to the floor, attempting a flying shoulder tackle, but he misses and collides with the announce table.
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:59:35 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Finn, burdened with ruminations, candidly confesses that he bears the weight of myriad thoughts. Unperturbed by the introspective ambiance, Priest, resolute in his determination, assures that he shall secure his berth in the Money in the Bank event. Undeterred by the potential challenges that lie ahead, he declares his intent to venture forth unaccompanied, exemplifying his mettle and fortitude.
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:59:31 am UTC / 11 months ago
    As we delve into the retrospective of the prominent showdown between Seth Rollins and Damian Priest, our focus shifts to the inner sanctum of THE Judgment Day, where a discernible air of reticence envelops Finn Balor amidst the effusive conversations of Rhea, Priest, and Dom. Inquisitive about Finn's demeanor, Rhea tenderly inquires if he is in a state of equilibrium.

  • 13 Jun 2023 12:48:57 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Becky executes a dropkick through the ropes, sending Green crashing into the ringside barrier repeatedly.

    Green retaliates by hurling Becky into the turnbuckles and lands a sharp enzuigiri. However, Becky quickly pushes Green away. Green attempts a rollup, but it only results in a near fall. Becky seizes the moment and locks in the DisArmHer submission hold, causing Green to tap out.

    WINNER: Becky Lynch

  • 13 Jun 2023 12:48:12 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Refusing to back down, Becky fights back with a barrage of forearms and uppercuts. Green responds with a well-timed kick, sending Becky to the apron. Undeterred, Becky seizes the opportunity and ascends to the top rope. However, Green quickly intercepts her. Despite Green's attempt to execute a superplex, Becky counters with a decisive block and delivers a powerful headbutt, sending Green crashing to the mat. Without wasting a moment, Becky executes a flawless missile dropkick.
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:48:09 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Becky attempts to execute the DisArmHer, but Chelsea manages to evade it. In response, Chelsea delivers a swift kick to Becky and swiftly ascends the turnbuckles. However, Becky swiftly retaliates, causing Chelsea to lose her balance and fall to the floor.

    After the commercial break, Green takes control by sending Becky crashing to the mat and applying a reverse chin lock. During the break, footage reveals Sonya's distraction, allowing Green to knock Becky off the apron. Chelsea skillfully blocks a back heel kick, enabling Green to forcefully drive Becky to the mat. Taking advantage of the situation, Green propels Becky into the turnbuckles.

  • 13 Jun 2023 12:47:02 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Chelsea Green (with Sonya Deville) Vs Becky Lynch
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:46:48 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Chelsea interrupts the confrontation and apologizes for the interruption. Sonya Deville takes the opportunity to address the recent unprovoked attack by Becky, acknowledging that it needs to be discussed. Chelsea explains that she didn't fight back during the attack because she didn't want Sonya to lose her spot in Money in the Bank.

    Becky challenges Chelsea to step into the ring, while instructing Zoey to take a seat and witness why she is famous.
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:46:41 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Zoey questions Becky about personality, asserting that Becky didn't become relevant due to her personality but rather because someone broke her face. Zoey suggests that Becky is desperately clinging to that moment of fame and the association with Trish Stratus. She boldly proclaims that she will break Becky's face once again and make her famous in the process.

    Becky fires back, telling Zoey that she doesn't have to wait until their match in London to find out why she's famous. However, before the situation escalates further, Becky's opponent, Chelsea Green, makes her entrance alongside Sonya Deville.
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:46:32 am UTC / 11 months ago
    As Becky references Trish Stratus as an example of a scared individual, Zoey Stark interrupts her. Zoey claims that Becky may have an extensive list of accomplishments, but one thing she will never achieve is defeating Trish Stratus. Zoey boldly asserts that at Money in the Bank, Becky can add "losing to Zoey Stark" to her list of failures.

    Becky responds by acknowledging her numerous failures, but she asserts that those failures have served as valuable learning experiences, ultimately contributing to her greatness. Becky then remarks that she knows a few things about Zoey, noting her exceptional skills in the ring but highlighting her lack of a distinctive personality.
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:46:23 am UTC / 11 months ago
    We head to the backstage area where Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are engaged in a conversation with Becky Lynch. Becky walks towards the ring and spots Coach Gable and Otis training Maxxine Dupri.

    Before her match, Becky Lynch grabs a microphone and addresses the crowd. She announces that she will be participating in Money in the Bank. Becky admits that throughout her career, she has been fortunate to achieve many things, but winning Money in the Bank has eluded her. However, this year, she has a strong feeling about her chances. She points out that people are conditioned to believe that the top person in the company is the one holding the championship. With the introduction of the shiny new championship, Becky emphasizes that the person holding the briefcase holds even more power. They have the ability to make the champion fearful and disrupt their game. Becky expresses her fondness for power, stating that until she possesses that power and the ability to intimidate the champion, people will continue to do crazy, dangerous, and foolish things. She adds that she thrives in such an environment because it makes her better.

  • 13 Jun 2023 12:44:33 am UTC / 11 months ago
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:34:55 am UTC / 11 months ago

  • 13 Jun 2023 12:28:34 am UTC / 11 months ago
    WINNER: Cody Rhodes
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:28:23 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Cody skillfully kicks his way out of a potential figure four leg lock. Miz momentarily catches Cody off guard with a Cody Cutter, but Cody adeptly counters with a quick roll-up. Miz retaliates with a series of kicks, but his roundhouse kick narrowly misses its mark. Seizing the opportunity, Cody retaliates with an arm-targeting kick followed by a well-executed round kick. Miz attempts a decisive DDT, but Cody manages to kick out just in time. With the match hanging in the balance, Miz sets up for his signature Skull Crushing Finale, only to be met with a swift snap mare by Cody. Demonstrating his incredible resilience, Cody executes the devastating Cody Cutter, setting the stage for the climactic CrossRhodes maneuver, which secures him the well-deserved three-count victory.
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:28:09 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Miz capitalizes on Cody's vulnerability, forcefully propelling him into the corner, causing Cody's shoulder to collide painfully with the ring post. Seizing the moment, Miz hurls Cody into the unforgiving ring steps, further exacerbating the damage.

    After the commercial break, Miz attempts to ascend the turnbuckle, but Cody halts his progress. Miz's desperate push sends Cody tumbling from the turnbuckles, but Miz fails to capitalize as he misses his intended target and lands on his feet instead. Seizing the opening, Cody swiftly executes a Side Effect, showcasing his agility and strength. Cody follows up with a series of impactful boots to Miz, punctuating his dominance with a powerful power slam. Continuing his relentless assault, Cody delivers an awe-inspiring Beautiful Disaster kick, narrowly missing a victory.

  • 13 Jun 2023 12:27:58 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Eventually, the action returns to the ring, where Miz capitalizes on the damage inflicted by relentlessly striking Cody's head. Miz employs a combination of kicks and punches, methodically wearing down his opponent. Seizing the opportunity, Miz cruelly ensnares Cody's injured arm within the ropes, delivering a punishing blow. Undeterred, Cody summons his resilience, responding with a powerful punch to Miz. The battle intensifies as Miz retaliates with a chop and a series of forceful forearms. Miz prepares for a suplex, but Cody expertly counters, executing a delayed gourdbuster that leaves Miz reeling.

  • 13 Jun 2023 12:27:46 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Cody focuses his assault on the injured leg, unleashing stomps and targeted strikes. With a calculated forearm to Miz's back, Cody further weakens his opponent. Miz's knee gives out during an Irish whip attempt, providing Cody with an opening to unleash a barrage of punches. Demonstrating his dominance, Cody forcefully propels Miz into the turnbuckles, accentuating his assault with resounding kicks. However, Miz manages to reverse the situation, sending Cody to the apron. Employing his agility, Miz maneuvers between Cody's legs, yanking him off the apron and driving him into the unforgiving ring steps. Not satisfied, Miz forcefully propels Cody into the ringside announce table, further intensifying the carnage.
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:27:38 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Cody ascends the turnbuckle with intentions of executing a high-flying move. However, Miz wisely evades the attack, causing Cody's aerial maneuver to meet empty space. Unfazed, Cody quickly regroups and fearlessly launches himself toward Miz with a suicide dive, bringing the action back inside the squared circle. Seizing the chance, Miz cunningly manipulates the referee into restraining Cody momentarily. Miz then attempts a kick, but Cody expertly thwarts the maneuver, countering with a swift dragon screw takedown that forces Miz to the mat.
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:27:20 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Singles Match: Cody Rhodes Vs Miz

    Miz applies a tight waist lock on Cody, while Cody retaliates with swift forearm strikes. Displaying his agility, Cody lands a drop kick followed by a well-executed kick and a stunning drop-down uppercut. Surprisingly, Miz manages to land on his feet after a belly-to-back suplex attempt by Cody. Undeterred, Cody swiftly employs a hip lock, effortlessly sending Miz tumbling to the outside of the ring. Capitalizing on the opportunity, Cody delivers a breathtaking Beautiful Disaster kick to Miz, who was positioned on the apron.

  • 13 Jun 2023 12:25:14 am UTC / 11 months ago
    With unwavering resolve, Rhea asserts that Dominik accepts Cody's challenge. Seizing the opportunity, The Miz attempts to launch a surprise attack on Cody from behind. However, Cody expertly counters Miz's assault, preventing him from succeeding. As the chaos ensues, Dominik exits the ring momentarily, only to return swiftly and strike Cody from behind, aligning himself with The Miz.

  • 13 Jun 2023 12:25:07 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Unfazed by Cody's persistence, Rhea interjects, praising Dominik's admirable qualities, proclaiming him to be a superior man compared to anyone present in the arena, those watching from home, and even Cody himself.

    Undeterred by Rhea's interjection, Cody reaffirms his request for a definitive answer, leaving no room for ambiguity.
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:24:55 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Pausing momentarily to weigh his response, Dominik reflects on his recent actions, exemplifying fearlessness in the face of any adversary. He boldly declares that he confronted and embarrassed Cody Rhodes in the heart of the ring, just as he would do with anyone else. Dominik surveys the crowd, while Cody signals his impatience, awaiting a definitive answer.

    Cody playfully engages the audience, inquiring about their opinions, which are expressed in a chorus of disdainful chants. Undeterred, Cody demands a clear-cut answer to his proposition.

  • 13 Jun 2023 12:24:48 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Cody addresses Dominik, suggesting that it would have been satisfying to witness Brock Lesnar accepting his challenge. However, Cody contends that Brock lacks the courage to face him. Referring to the incident from the previous week when Dominik slapped him, Cody proposes an intriguing proposition—a match between Dominik and himself at the upcoming Money in the Bank event.

  • 13 Jun 2023 12:24:42 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Cody acknowledges the significance of Rhea's championship victory and the remarkable legacy she is forging. He openly admires Rhea's accomplishments, displaying profound respect for her as an athlete. While Cody acknowledges his upcoming match with The Miz later that night, he indicates a desire to discuss a different matter—a matter that pertains to the events of the previous week involving Dominik's actions against him.

  • 13 Jun 2023 12:24:37 am UTC / 11 months ago
    In a composed and respectful manner, Dominik asserts that Rhea's greatness should not be overshadowed, emphasizing that behind every remarkable woman, there stands an exceptional man. He expresses his gratitude for being able to support Rhea unconditionally, serving as a pillar of strength by her side.

    Just as the atmosphere settles, the music of Cody Rhodes resonates throughout the arena, signaling his arrival. Clad in attire befitting a combatant, Cody strides purposefully towards the ring, intending to engage Rhea and Dominik in conversation.
  • 13 Jun 2023 12:24:28 am UTC / 11 months ago
    Adam Pearce stands in the center of the ring, orchestrating the momentous occasion, as he presents the Smackdown Women's Champion, Rhea Ripley, with her newly won Women's World Championship belt. Rhea proudly displays her coveted title to the roaring crowd.

    To add to the celebratory atmosphere, Dominik Mysterio makes his way towards the ring, intending to join Rhea and assist her in fastening the championship belt around her waist. However, before performing the ceremonial gesture, Dominik takes a moment to address the audience.
Here is the live coverage for this week's Monday Night Raw, which is scheduled to air on June 12, 2023, live from Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita, KS.

Monday Night Raw currently airs live on Monday evenings on the USA Network from 8:00 ET–11:00 PM ET in the United States. WWE Raw starts live at 1 am in the UK on BT Sport 1 on Tuesday mornings.

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WWE Raw Time In Canada: Fans can watch it on OLN Canada or Sportsnet subscribers can stream WWE RAW for free on Monday Night RAW will return to Sportsnet 360 in mid-May.

WWE Raw Time In South Africa: The show also airs live on Supersport in South Africa on Tuesdays at 02:00 am CAT

Raw Time In Arab world: Raw airs in the Arab world on MBC Action on Mondays at 8 PM Egypt Standard Time, on FM1 in Iran, and on Sport 1 and Sport 1 HD in Israel. Raw further began airing on D-Smart in Turkey.

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WWE Raw Time In India: Raw airs live on Sony Ten 1 HD and Sony Ten 1 in India at 5:30 am

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