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WWE Monday Night Raw Results July 11, 2022: Live Coverage, Winners Highlights, Commentary

WWE Monday Night Raw Results July 11, 2022: Live Coverage, Winners Highlights, Commentary

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WWE Raw July 11, 2022, Ongoing Results, Full Recap: Brock Lesnar Returns

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  • 12 Jul 2022 03:06:52 am UTC / 3 months ago
    After, the match, Dolph Ziggler gets into the ring, and hits Theory with a super kick to end the show.

    Thank You All For Reading Us!

  • 12 Jul 2022 03:05:43 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Rollins drags Theory to the floor. Lashley crosses Rollins over a poorly constructed ringside barrier. Theory takes Riddle on his shoulders and Riddle runs away. Theory with the rollup and his feet on the ropes but Ziggler pushes off his feet. Riddle with the RKO for the three-count.

    Winners: Bobby Lashley and Riddle via pinfall

  • 12 Jul 2022 03:05:23 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Heary with a forearm to Lashley but Lashley with a choke slam. Rollins with a rolling elbow and KO. Rollins goes up and shoots the frog for a near fall. Theory and Riddle cash in and Riddle with clotheslines and a power slam. Riddle with an IEDDT.

  • 12 Jul 2022 03:04:45 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Rollins with a gourd and he returns to the front face lock. Pele kicks and tags Riddle with Theory and he goes for a rolling drop kick but Riddle counters with body scissors and bromition. The theory escapes hold. Rollins and Lashley tag in and Lashley with the clotheslines and a slam. Lashley with the shoulders in the corner and then the neck breaker.
  • 12 Jul 2022 03:04:40 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Rollins goes up and hits an inverted suplex for almost a fall. Something else goes on near Rollins Falls. Rollins Pie faces Riddle and Riddle with a strike on Rollins. Front face lock and Guillotine with Rollins sleeper. Riddle gets to his feet and tries to go to his corner to tag Lashley.

  • 12 Jul 2022 02:50:58 am UTC / 3 months ago
  • 12 Jul 2022 02:44:44 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Riddle and Bobby Lashley Vs Seth Rollins and Theory
  • 12 Jul 2022 02:44:17 am UTC / 3 months ago
  • 12 Jul 2022 02:43:49 am UTC / 3 months ago
    We see footage of Logan Paul from his kitchen. He says he wants Miz at SummerSlam and he says he will be at Raw next week.
  • 12 Jul 2022 02:43:42 am UTC / 3 months ago
    We are back with the mystery man video package with some new imagery.

    We take a look back at Miz' comments to Logan Paul earlier in the night.

  • 12 Jul 2022 02:27:34 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Jimmy with an Enzuigiri to Dawkins but Dawkins with a twisting splash in the corner. Dawkins with a Spinebuster but Omos tags in and hits a choke slam on Dawkins for the three-count.

    Winners: Omos, Jimmy Uso, and Jey Uso
  • 12 Jul 2022 02:26:46 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Dawkins with a back elbow into a Doomsday Device for a near fall. With JE Pop Up Neck Breaker. Truth with a Blue Thunder Bomb and he sets up for Five knuckle shuffle but Omos pulls Truth to the floor and into the ring steps.
  • 12 Jul 2022 02:26:42 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Ford sets for a dive to the floor but Omos gets in the way. Dawkins grabs Omos and Ford kicks Omos. Ford saves on Dawkins and they send Omos to the turnbuckle. Ford with a kick to Jimmy and he tags in Dawkins.

  • 12 Jul 2022 02:24:18 am UTC / 3 months ago
  • 12 Jul 2022 02:23:46 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Truth is finally able to make a tag to Ford. He is fired and takes out each and everyone coming out on his way. Ford with a Forearm to Omos who is standing on the apron.
  • 12 Jul 2022 02:22:11 am UTC / 3 months ago
    We are back from the commercial break...Omos and Truth are still fighting off...we see a massive Forearm before the commercial break. Omos sends Truth into the turnbuckle. Jey with a tag, Omos catches Truth and Jey lands a Superkick to take him down.

  • 12 Jul 2022 02:18:27 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Truth goes right after Omos, but this time Omos catches Truth and sends rib first into the apron. We go back to the commercial break.
  • 12 Jul 2022 02:17:34 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Nothing huge landed yet, An quick kick out from Truth as Jey Uso cover, Truth is the cornor, he gets to land punches on Jey first and then to Jimmy-Omos.

    A double Dropkick from The Street Profits to The Usos. Truth gets his own on Omos, but Omos still stands on the apron. Meanwhile, The Street Profits join up and they hit a Triple Superkick to take Omos off the apron.
  • 12 Jul 2022 02:14:50 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Omos and Angelo are starting things off. Omos shoves Angelo into the mate. A tag exchange...Jey Uso gets in...Angelo gets some offense and leads the tag to Ford.
  • 12 Jul 2022 02:12:23 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Angelo Dawkins (with Montez Ford) Vs Jimmy Uso (with Jey Uso)

  • 12 Jul 2022 02:11:48 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Ford asks Dawkins and Dawkins says they are down for a fight. For then asks Truth. Truth says Remember the Alamo and . . .attacks Omos.

    The Street Profits go after The Usos. Jimmy and Jey with super kicks while Omos takes care of Truth.

  • 12 Jul 2022 02:10:57 am UTC / 3 months ago
    MVP says: "For the intrusion and they were watching R Truth making a fool of himself. Why not let Omos be the guest referee. MVP why not let Omos be part of this match and work with the Bloodline.

  • 12 Jul 2022 02:10:32 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Truth has trouble getting his shirt off but he gets it off. Truth says he will fight both of them with his partners.

    Omos comes out with MVP.

  • 12 Jul 2022 02:10:09 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Jimmy tells Truth to take that shirt off and take his clown ass to the back.

    Truth says he was called a clown ass. Truth asks if they want to see this clown ass fight.

  • 12 Jul 2022 02:06:03 am UTC / 3 months ago
    The Street Profits cut the promo, while The Usos standing in the front.

    ...Was not expecting R-Truth in this segment, but the fact is, he is in. R-Truth wants to be the special ref at SummerSlam. Truth shows up how to make three counts.
  • 12 Jul 2022 02:03:25 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Angelo Dawkins (with Montez Ford) Vs Jimmy Uso (with Jey Uso)

    The Usos make their way to the ring. Before the match starts off...The Usos have something to say to the crowd. They tout on "The Bloodline," being the face of WWE Raw-SmackDown.

    Up next...The Street Profits make their way down to the ring.
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:58:38 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Winner: Asuka and Alexa Bliss via pinfall
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:56:50 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Asuka chocks Doudrop with a hip attack into the ropes and then plants another one, but this time on Nikki for a near fall. Asuka with a snap mare and Alexa tags in. Doudrop pulls Asuka to the floor and misses a back senton. Alexa with a drop kick. Nikki gets a near fall. Alexa with a DDT for the three counts.

  • 12 Jul 2022 01:55:17 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Doudrop picks up Alexa and tags in Nikki. Doudrop with a slam and Nikki with the neck breaker for a near fall. Nikki with a Splash and Snap mare. Nikki with a top wrist lock and chin bar. Both women with clothing lines and both are down. Doudrop and Asuka tag in.
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:54:56 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Starting off the match are...Asuka and Nikki.

    Nikki sends Asuka to the mat. Alexa tags In and Alexa One Rollup. Alexa with a la Magistral and crucified for the near fall. Doudrop in and Alexa is tagged with a punch and a knee drop knee, but she doesn't realize Doudrop has made the tag until Doudrop attaches to the body block.

  • 12 Jul 2022 01:46:15 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Alexa Bliss and Asuka Vs Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H.
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:45:59 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Winners: AJ Styles and Ezekiel (by disqualification)

  • 12 Jul 2022 01:45:19 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Styles put Miz in the Calf Crusher but Ciampa broke up the cover for a second time. He hammered away at Styles and the referee called for a DQ. Graves was baffled by the DQ.

  • 12 Jul 2022 01:45:13 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Styles turned the Skull Crushing finale into Fireman's carry Neckbreaker but Ciampa broke cover. Ezekiel knocked Ciampa out of the ring before Miz dropped Ezekiel with a dropkick.
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:45:08 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Tag Team Match: AJ Styles and Ezekiel Vs Ciampa and Miz

    The match already started when we returned from the commercial break. Styles was finally back and the hit was a gutbuster for The Miz Two. Styles took Ciampa off the apron before Miz hit a low DDT for two.

  • 12 Jul 2022 01:39:36 am UTC / 3 months ago
    He says he is sorry to interrupt and he says he never had the chance to introduce himself to AJ. He tells AJ he is Elias' younger brother. Ezekiel says that Elias told him about how phenomenal AJ was. Ezekiel says that Elias was obsessed about Miz' tiny balls. Ezekiel says he talked to Adam Pearce and it would be a lot more Zeked up if it was a tag match, if AJ is okay with that.

  • 12 Jul 2022 01:39:25 am UTC / 3 months ago
    AJ gets in the ring and throws the chairs at Miz and Ciampa.

    Ezekiel makes his way to the ring.

  • 12 Jul 2022 01:39:10 am UTC / 3 months ago
    That's not brave. That's not powerful attack. It kind of sounds like the actions of a man.

    AJ says it sounds like the actions of a man who is a coward . . . with tiny tiny balls.

  • 12 Jul 2022 01:37:49 am UTC / 3 months ago
    AJ Styles comes out and he tells Miz to shut his mouth.

    AJ Styles: "No one cares what you have to say. Neither one of you especially me. You see every time I back his turn I've been attacked. by huge awful or you miss either one of you those are the facts. There's just sounds like you got someone to do your dirty work.
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:36:48 am UTC / 3 months ago
    The Miz: "or I'll find someone else. And I don't think I have to look very far. and tonight we will show the phenomenal AJ Styles just how great we work together in Champa. Oh the eyes of the world will be on us. to display.
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:36:16 am UTC / 3 months ago
    The Miz: "Great. Logan I know what you're doing. You started the controversy getting a little publicity. Give people talking. That's what we do it together Nobody Does it better than us, so I'm giving you one last opportunity. to retract your statement take my offer and we will become WWE Undisputed Tag, Team Championships.
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:35:11 am UTC / 3 months ago
    The Miz: "He responded this week on social media with this.

    We have video footage of what Logan Paul said about The Miz.
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:34:32 am UTC / 3 months ago
    The Miz: "I guided a social media icon it turned him into a WWE Superstar with my help. He was Victorious against an attack team featuring legendary Superstar Ray Mysterio and rice. He starts Dominic Mysterio X Russell Mania. That's what I want. I want WrestleMania. I want Summers left over here. That is what we all want and I tried to hand Logan Paul that opportunity on a silver platter and didn't call me and say, dude. Thank you so much. No.
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:34:07 am UTC / 3 months ago
    The Miz: Miz says that is correct and he mentions Miz and Mrs. "That is cool. Right? I mean who else has a hit reality show directly following Monday Night Raw tonight on the USA Network in Miz and Mrs. Only me so you are in the right place. You're talking to the right person.

  • 12 Jul 2022 01:30:04 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Miz asks if he has any explanation for his actions. Ciampa says he wants the eyes of the world on him. Nobody commands the people's attention more than the Miz.

  • 12 Jul 2022 01:29:52 am UTC / 3 months ago
    The Miz: "Welcome to me. It's TV. My guest tonight is a man who since he is debut on Raw has remorselessly. tapped multiple WWE Superstars, including our opponents tonight in a two-on-one handicap match AJ Styles. Ladies and Gentlemen, please get up for Champa.
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:11:10 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Miz and Ciampa make their way to the ring for MizTV.

  • 12 Jul 2022 01:08:46 am UTC / 3 months ago
    After the match, Carmella holds the title belt and Bianca hits Carmella and then gives Carmella a KOD.

  • 12 Jul 2022 01:08:36 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Bianca with a clothesline and forearms followed by a Spinebuster for a near fall.

    Carmella escapes from the suplex on the floor and Carmella turns a blind eye. Bianca pushes Carmella into the ring post and the referee continues the count as Becky comes up to distract Bianca and the referee turns to ten.

    Winner: Carmella (by count out) [Bianca retains championship]
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:07:07 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Carmella with a super kick to a near collapse. Bianca catches a super kick and prepares Carmella for a Powerbomb but gives her snake eyes. Carmella grabs the ropes with her hands and then her feet and then she trusts KOD that she will almost fall into an X-Factor.
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:06:18 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Bianca misses a clothesline but she blocks a satellite head-scissor and counters with a back breaker. Bianca walks into a boot and Carmella into the ropes with four head scissors. Carmella goes up and hits a cross body to almost fall. Carmella with a rollup to a near collapse. Carmella with a kick to the back sends Bianca into the first turnbuckle.
  • 12 Jul 2022 01:05:30 am UTC / 3 months ago
    The match starts off...Bianca with an Irish whip but Carmella sends Bianca to the mat. Bianca rolls on the floor after Carmella and Bianca sends Carmella to the announcement table. Bianca has a few words for Becky and we go to the commercial.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:57:52 am UTC / 3 months ago
    WWE Raw Women's Championship: Bianca Belair Vs Carmella

  • 12 Jul 2022 12:56:34 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Carmella gets a rematch. I should have been given a rematch the Monday after Wrestlemania. I had to jump through hoops to get back to the top for what is rightfully mine. Tonight, I don't give a damn who wins because I demand a championship match at SummerSlam.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:56:17 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring to join commentary for the next match.

    We see Becky gets on the top of the announce desk. She says she was devastated that she did not win Money in the Bank after all she did to get into the match. She says cashing in the way Liv did it is like winning the lottery. I dragged my broken and bruised body through a No Holds Barred match and that should have made me the number one contender.

  • 12 Jul 2022 12:54:52 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Rey with a shoulder and a slingshot attempt off the apron but Balor blocks it. Balor nearly falls to the chest with an elbow. Rey takes a suplex but Balor escapes with a high side slam. Balor goes over the top for the coup de grace and hits it for a three count.

    Winner: Finn Balor via pinfall
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:54:23 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Rey for a near fall away from the turnbuckles with a Frankensteiner. Balor grabs the injured leg and Rey grabs it with an Enzuigiri that sends Balor to the ropes. Rey with a 619 and he is fond of the turnbuckles for the frog splash. Rey remembers the frog splashing and Ray falling close with a cross.

  • 12 Jul 2022 12:52:57 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Balor wraps the leg in ropes and stumps at the knee. Ray falls to the floor and Balor tells Dominik to stay away. Rey is sent back into the ring and Ray is sent back with a dropkick to Balor. Rey with the Sunset Flip Power Bomb sliding into the ringside barrier.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:52:24 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Balor with a suplex and he heats up and rolls but joins the back with a forearm. Ray goes to the apron and Balor tries to send Rey into the ring post but Ray blocks him. Rey goes up but Balor is in the back of the leg with a forearm and Rey falls to the mat.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:52:04 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Finn chokes Rey in the corner. When the referee makes a deal with Balor, Priest punches him. Rey sends Finn back into the ring. Balor has come down significantly. Balor with forearms to the back. Baler with a reverse chin lock. Ray with an elbow and Finn to the knee.

  • 12 Jul 2022 12:40:00 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Rey says something to Dominik and then Rey punches Finn. Dominik misses a punch and Rey and Dominik hit a double drop kick on Priest. Priest pulls Balor to the floor.

  • 12 Jul 2022 12:39:54 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Rey Mysterio (with Dominik Mysterio) Vs Finn Balor

    Before the match, Priest cuts a promo in front of The Mysterios. During the promo, Priest tries to provoke Dominick against Rey.

    Balor tells Priest tranquilo and he tells Dom to look at things like THE Judgment Day. Will your daddy protect you? You know who else is a legend, Edge. Let's see what happened to him.

  • 12 Jul 2022 12:36:55 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Well, that was a great way to start the show-off...

  • 12 Jul 2022 12:36:17 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Brock with a clothesline to Otis and a head and arm suplex to Chad. Brock clotheslines Otis over the top rope to the floor. Brock hits Chad and Otis with the ring steps a few times.

    Brock tosses the steps into the ring and Brock gets a chair. Brock with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex to Chad on the floor. Brock gets Otis up for an F-5 through the table.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:35:54 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Academy here at ringside over tags yet. We're about to see this gentleman the tree truck in the lumberjack. Otis comes into the ring and Chad clips Brock and Otis with a running body block but Brock stays on his feet.

  • 12 Jul 2022 12:35:37 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Brock Lesnar: "Well, what do we have here? Brock Lesnar comes to town and all the Cockroaches show up.

  • 12 Jul 2022 12:34:48 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Theory: "Mr. Hayman that footage that could be Roman Reigns. I mean, he could be just a heap of human flesh sitting there emotionless. But that footage wasn't just for you to tell the Roman Reigns about it's actually also for you because you see Brock I showed you that to remind you that I didn't forget.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:33:49 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Theory says it does not matter if Brock or Roman wins because the way you talk about the outcome, will be life-altering. Theory tells Paul to listen to Brock. Theory has some footage from the Elimination Chamber of Brock. We see what Brock did to Theory from the top of the chamber.

  • 12 Jul 2022 12:33:06 am UTC / 3 months ago
    And then the announcer will announce. the new youngest Undisputed WWE Universal champion of the world Theory.

    Brock Lesnar: "Well, why don't you come down here right now? And let's go."

  • 12 Jul 2022 12:32:05 am UTC / 3 months ago
    MR. Money In The Bank Theory interrupts now.

    Theory: "SummerSlam is one of the greatest nights in WWE history, I'm gonna take back my United States Championship from Bobby Lashley. And then I'm gonna sit back and watch this match of mass destruction. But you see after this match. I'm not gonna run down to the ring. I'm gonna walk down to the ring hold in my contract.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:30:58 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Heyman: "That's a hard Slaughter. ER, that's an annihilator that is enough. frenzy badass that wants revenge against my tribal chief I'm gonna give you my word on something. We are approaching 700 days of Roman Reigns as the champion and Brock Lesnar this Is one street you will not conquer. Because I will have Roman Reigns ready for you that SummerSlam to put you down if I have to train Roman Reigns to stick his hand up your ass and pull your heart out through that hole. That is what my tribal chief is going to do to something like.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:29:24 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Heyman: "It doesn't matter to Brock Lesnar if he puts Roman Reigns down for 10 or be so violent. He puts Roman Reigns down for a hundred. He doesn't care if he sends Roman Reigns to the hospital or if he sends Roman Reigns to the morgue. That's not a man. That's a feast.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:28:40 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Lesnar why? because Roman Reigns to find his greatness. By athletically beating down and smashing the opposition pinning them making them tap out in athletic competition, but we for 20 years. We defined Brock Lesnar's Legacy by annihilating. by putting them down for Good by taking them out of action by breaking their Nets by conquering streets by ending careers. So if Brock Lesnar has to put Roman Reigns down for the count of 10. That's what Brock Lesnar is going to do.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:28:03 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Brock Lesnar: "You know, what bothers me? We've gone from the most stupendous WrestleMania of all time to the most part Beric SummerSlam of all time and that plays right into your hands. the odds on favorite if you're a better man, who you betting on for SummerSlam in the last man standing match."
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:26:48 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Paul says that is not downright Texas neighborly of him. Paul says despite their differences, Brock Lesnar does not suck.

    Brock starts to tell a story.

  • 12 Jul 2022 12:25:56 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Paul Heyman interrupts and makes his way to the stage.

    Paul says they are booing on the Isle of Relevancy as well.

    Brock calls Paul a hog.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:25:15 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Brock Lesnar: "Roman Reigns You're a hog. and I Slaughter hogs on my farm. every single day and At SummerSlam, the tribal hog is going to get a country ass kicking to the likes he has never seen.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:24:13 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Brock starts off by saying God Bless Texas.

    Brock Lesnar: "With an intro like that. It'd be rude for me to leave my head on this evening. I'll show you all some manners. Thank you very much. as we just saw Life is good for Roman Reigns. You see since WrestleMania? Romans been living high on the hog. flying in private jets eating like a king. I think I think there's an old saying. And it came from right here in Texas. pigs get fat and Hogs get slaughtered.
  • 12 Jul 2022 12:09:38 am UTC / 3 months ago
    Your announcers are Corey Graves, Byron Saxton, and Jimmy Smith.

    We start off by reliving what happened on Smackdown.with Roman Reigns.

    Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring.

  • 11 Jul 2022 05:11:08 pm UTC / 3 months ago
    WWE Raw Matches, July 11, 2022

    --Brock Lesnar returns to Raw!
Here is the live coverage of Monday Night Raw which is scheduled to air live on July 11, 2022, live from AT&T Center in San Antonio.

Monday Night Raw currently airs live on Monday evenings on the USA Network from 8:00 ET–11:00 PM ET in the United States. WWE Raw starts live at 1 am in the UK on BT Sport 1 on Tuesday mornings.

WWE Raw Time In Australia: It airs live on Tuesdays at 10 am (AEST) on Fox8

WWE Raw Time In Canada: Fans can watch it on OLN Canada or Sportsnet subscribers can stream WWE RAW for free on Monday Night RAW will return to Sportsnet 360 in mid-May.

WWE Raw Time In South Africa: The show also airs live on Supersport in South Africa on Tuesdays at 02:00 am CAT

Raw Time In Arab Word: Raw airs in the Arab world on MBC Action on Mondays at 8 PM Egypt Standard Time, on FM1 in Iran and on Sport 1 and Sport 1 HD in Israel. Raw further began airing on D-Smart in Turkey.

Raw Time In Italy: In Italy, Raw airs live on Dplay 2:00 pm

WWE Raw Time In India: Raw airs live on Sony Ten 1 HD and Sony Ten 1 in India at 5:30 am

--WWE Raw Commentator--

--Jimmy Smith (play-by-play commentator)

--Corey Graves (color commentator)

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