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WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results June 17, 2022: Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results June 17, 2022: Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

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WWE Friday Night SmackDown June 17, 2022, Ongoing Results & Full Recap

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  • 18 Jun 2022 02:03:04 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Thanks Everyone For Reading Our Live Coverage!
  • 18 Jun 2022 02:02:33 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Brock makes his way to the ring and he gets in Roman's face. Brock smiles and he offers his hand to Roman

    Roman shakes his hand but Brock gives Roman an F-5. Brock gives Jimmy and Jey F-5s.
  • 18 Jun 2022 02:02:29 am UTC / 11 days ago
    "And now we're leaving. Before we go wise man, there's one thing left to do. Minneapolis, Minnesota...Acknowledge me.

    Roman leaves the ring and... we see the ghost coming right down from the ramp and it's non-other than Brock Lesnar.

  • 18 Jun 2022 02:00:09 am UTC / 11 days ago
    After the match Roman Reings takes the mic and says, "There's no one left. Wise man, there is no one left. I told them over two years ago. That I'm here to wreck everyone. and then I'm leaving and that's exactly what we did tonight. We wrecked Riddle.
  • 18 Jun 2022 01:55:08 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Riddle goes to the turnbuckles for a twisting Moonsault and hits it. Riddle looks around and he sets for an RKO and Roman pushes him away. Roman spears Riddle as Riddle goes for a springboard move and he gets the three counts.

    Winner: Roman Reigns via pinfall

  • 18 Jun 2022 01:52:22 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Riddle plants Reigns through the announce desk...both gets back into the ring. Riddle with a Hung Rope DDT and goes for an RKO, but here comes the Superman Punch, Reigns gets the cover, but Riddle with a Shocking kick out. Reigns is setting up for Spear, holy smock...Riddle gets the RKO, he covers it, but Reigns still kicks out.
  • 18 Jun 2022 01:49:31 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Back from the break...Riddle is still down in the ring, Reigns is having a pose. Reigns locks unloaded and goes for Superman Punch, but Riddle counters it with a Flying knee and follows up the Randy Orton Slam. Reigns rolls out.
  • 18 Jun 2022 01:45:11 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Riddle goes for another offense but this time Roman with a Chock Slam, but Riddle is still able to kick...Both are outside of the ring now. Roman slams Riddle onto the table, the referee makes the counts and here we go for another commercial break...
  • 18 Jun 2022 01:43:34 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Both men are exchanging the blows in the midsection, Riddle takes the lead with a kick to Roman. Riddle catches Roman with an Elbow and goes up to the top to perform a big Floating Bro for near fall.
  • 18 Jun 2022 01:42:12 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Back from the commercial break...Riddle is still flying with colors, he is killing it at right now. Cole tells us that Roman took control during the commercial break, but Riddle takes it back with punches. Reigns with a big Forearms to take down Riddle. Roman rolls out and comes with a Drive to Riddle.

    Reigns drags Riddle into the middle gets the cover, but Riddle kicks out.

  • 18 Jun 2022 01:37:31 am UTC / 11 days ago
    The Bell rings, Riddle goes right after Reigns with his Forearms and plants him into the ring post, and Reigns retaliates with a big Forearm. Riddle with a Suplex and Reigns rolls out of the ring. Riddle is on the apron and catches Reigns with a Knee as down goes Roman Reigns.

    Riddle with a massive Moonsault off the apron as we go to the commercial break.
  • 18 Jun 2022 01:29:05 am UTC / 11 days ago
    WWE Unified Championship: Roman Reigns (with Paul Heyman and the Usos) Vs Riddle
  • 18 Jun 2022 01:28:40 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Shinsuke Nakamura wished Riddle luck as he was warming up.

  • 18 Jun 2022 01:24:47 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Raquel with a boot for a near fall. Shayna clips Raquel and heads off with a running knee for a near fall. Shayna goes for the Kirifuda clutch but Raquel backs Shayna into the turnbuckle. Raquel hits the Chingona Bomb for the three counts.

    Winner: Raquel Rodriguez via pinfall
  • 18 Jun 2022 01:23:27 am UTC / 11 days ago
    WWE Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Raquel Rodriguez Vs Shayna Baszler

  • 18 Jun 2022 01:21:31 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Drew hits punches to Sheamus followed by a clothesline over the top rope to the floor. Adam tells Drew that he is in the match too. Sheamus gets back in the ring and Drew with a Claymore.
  • 18 Jun 2022 01:20:47 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Pearce: "It is official...Sheamus you're in"
    Sheamus asks Drew how does it feel to know that you are second best to the Celtic Warrior. I am going to Money in the Bank and you are going to be at home sitting on your arse. I am going to win and cash in the contract.

  • 18 Jun 2022 01:19:43 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Drew McIntyre: "Neither Drew or Shameless would qualify for money in the bank. But they promised there would be to be a fight and boy was there ever absolutely 20 men had to separate the two. These two men know each other very well big opportunity on the line in a big decision right now for peace gentlemen. Gentlemen, I have reviewed that footage time and again, and I have consulted with WWE management and I am here tonight to tell you that we have made a decision.
  • 18 Jun 2022 01:17:10 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Adam Pearce, "We're out here for a reason. Seth Freaking Rollins from Raw has qualified for the letter match and let me remind you. It was an opportunity that both of you had last week. He has a qualifying match here on Friday Night Smackdown and boy these two feet as physicals matches you'll ever see because of this right here what you're about to see first true answer to hit each other at the same time."
  • 18 Jun 2022 01:15:54 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Sheamus: "All right. Yeah big day big ego there, huh? Let me explain so to you fella. Putting you in that match will be both one of the biggest mistakes in the history of WWE because you know your butt like you're always do let's take it from someone like me. Sheamus points out that he has successfully cashed in, while you have been cashed in on."
  • 18 Jun 2022 01:14:11 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Drew says nobody cares about the numbers and statistics. Drew says if he isn't put in the Money in the Bank match, there is a 100% chance he kicks someone's ass tonight.

  • 18 Jun 2022 01:13:38 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Adam Pearce is in the ring and he is joined by Drew McIntyre and Sheamus.

    Pearce: "Drew and Sheamus you both failed to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match. Yet you both demand inclusion and I can see why the money in the Bank contract signifies and guarantees a championship match any time any place and whether it's overwhelming 85% success rate.

  • 18 Jun 2022 12:56:47 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Woods plays the trumpet and Shanky dances to the beat, Jinder tags himself and he yells at Shanky. Kofi with Trouble in Paradise for the three counts.

    Winners: Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston via pinfall
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:55:34 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Shanky tags in and misses a clothesline. Kofi with a drop kick and Shanky with the chops. Shanky with a cloth. Shanky with an elbow in the corner and he grabs Kofi by the throat and connects with another elbow. Shanky biases Kofi across the ring.
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:55:24 am UTC / 11 days ago
    The match starts off right now... Mahal with a slam and that's it. Mahal with kicks and an Irish whip but Woods floats and Woofs for a near fall with a springboard drop kick. Kofi tags in and they kick Mahal and hit a double bulldog for almost a fall.

  • 18 Jun 2022 12:46:51 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Tag Team Match: New Day(Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) Vs Jinder Mahal and Shanky
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:42:26 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Watch The Full Segment Below:

  • 18 Jun 2022 12:42:05 am UTC / 11 days ago
    After the match, Baron Corbin interrupts Cole and Pat and he says he has something to say.

    Corbin says him and Pat have known each other for a long time. Corbin says he hears Pat criticize him and make jokes.
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:40:08 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Moss with Punchline after Corbin beats the referee's count. Moss looks around and he picks up Corbin and goes for another punchline and hits him for a three count.

    Winner: Riddick Moss via pinfall
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:38:44 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Corbin puts Moss on the turnbuckle and punches Moss. Moss with the forearms and he kicks Corbin. Moss goes for sunset flip Powerbomb for near fall. Corbin misses a clothesline but hits Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin with a choke slam. They go to the floor and Moss kicks Corbin. Corbin drags Moss back to the floor and sends Moss into the ring post. Moss pulls Corbin out of the ring and into the announce table.
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:35:05 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Moss catches Corbin and hits a decadent slam. Moss goes for the neck breaker but Corbin counters and Moss sends the shoulder into the ring post first. Corbin goes to the floor and dresses Moss over the ringside barrier.
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:34:52 am UTC / 11 days ago
    The match starts off...Corbin with forearms. Corbin runs into a knee and Moss goes to the turnbuckles and hits a shoulder tackle. Corbin with a punch and he strangles Moss into the ropes. Corbin with Half Nelson and Chin Bar. Corbin with a knee into the midsection but he misses a splash in the corner.

  • 18 Jun 2022 12:22:57 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Singles Match: Riddick Moss Vs Baron Corbin
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:22:37 am UTC / 11 days ago
    They play Randy Orton's entrance music.

    We take a look at the feud between Baron Corbin and Riddick Moss.
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:22:29 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Riddle: "But most importantly for the last 20 years. You sacrificed everything to entertain us. And I think I can speak for the whole WWE Universe when I say this. Thank you, Randy. But tonight I challenge Roman Reigns for that WWE Undisputed Universal championship, and I think everyone here and everybody watching hope and every Throne the locker room knows I'm dedicating this match to my best friend Randy Orton and when I came myself to the back to get ready for the biggest match my life, I am going to play something we haven't heard in a while and will hear it when Randy comes back."
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:20:35 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Riddle: "And Randy or I can say is we miss you, bro. And I don't care. I don't care what kind of shape you're in. I love you, Randy. For twenty years, you have been killing legends and your videos have gone viral worldwide. You even lit the Undertaker on fire. Most importantly, you sacrificed everything to entertain us. Riddle tells Randy thank you.

  • 18 Jun 2022 12:19:47 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Riddle: "And Randy I know you have a big operation coming up. And we all wish you the best of luck and I know you're at home, and I know that you're at home thinking. What is something goes wrong and I'm gonna be able to train again and we're gonna be able to get back in this rink and do what I do best time and time again.
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:19:25 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Riddle: "Man, I've been waiting a long time for this opportunity. I know all my friends and family are watching at home. for more importantly my best bro, and our friend. Randy is watching at home."
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:18:37 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Up next is Riddle

    Riddle: "So before I kick Roman Reigns in the head and take WWE Undisputed Universal Championship. I want to take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at the history between Roman Reigns and myself."
  • 18 Jun 2022 12:06:48 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Vince McMahon says, "it is a privilege to stand in front of the WWE Universe and a privilege to stand in Minnesota. He mentions 'Then, Now, Forever, Together". Vince welcomes everyone to Smackdown and then he leaves the ring.

  • 18 Jun 2022 12:06:17 am UTC / 11 days ago
    Your announcers are Michael Cole and Pat McAfee.

    Kicking off tonight's show is Vince McMahon.

  • 17 Jun 2022 04:42:03 pm UTC / 12 days ago
    The Current Line For The Show

    --Riddle to challenge Roman Reigns in an Undisputed WWE Universal Title Match.

    --Mr. McMahon will appear tonight on SmackDown.
    --Max Dupri to reveal his first client into Maximum Male Models.
Here is the live coverage for this Friday's SmackDown which is scheduled to air live on June 17, 2022, live from Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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