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WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Results, Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Results, Highlights, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

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WWE Extreme Rules 2022 October 8, 2022, Ongoing Results & Full Recap

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  • 09 Oct 2022 03:23:44 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Then they showed that all the characters in the FIrefly Fun Houe were dead. Bray walked out with a new mask. He removed the mask and revealed his face. The show ended with Bray blowing out the lantern and the show fading to black.
  • 09 Oct 2022 03:23:36 am UTC / 4 months ago
    After the match, Riddle walked to the back and the lights went out. A voice could be heard singing "he's got the whole world in his hands." Various Wyatt-related characters were shown in different sections of the arena.

  • 09 Oct 2022 03:07:32 am UTC / 4 months ago
    However, Rollins beats the count, Riddle applies Triangle Submission hold. Rollins tried to escape but couldn’t and tapped out.

    Winner: Matt Riddle via Submission
  • 09 Oct 2022 03:03:30 am UTC / 4 months ago
    DC continues to pledge, but Rollins isn't listening. Rolins goes for Stomp, but this time Riddle avoids it and comes out with a massive RKO. Rollins rolls down finally. Holy Shi**t, Riddle with a Floating Bro from the top of the pit.
  • 09 Oct 2022 03:01:36 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Both men are fighting high above the structure. Riddle is fainting. Rollins with a massive Buckle Bomb into the pit. DC is explaining that both men should be inside the ring. Rollins with a Pedigree.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:59:24 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Rollins out of nowhere with a Stomp. Riddle once again beats the counts. Rollins tries another Stomp, but this time Riddle sides up. Rollins climb on the pit so does Riddle.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:57:07 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Riddle gets up on his feet on the count of 8. There is a roll-up followed by a shocking RKO from Riddle. Both men are down, while Comier continues to count. Both men get up on the count of 8. Riddle is rocking Rollins with multiple strikes.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:54:49 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Comier is doing a great job, Riddle is back on his feet, while, Rollins immediately takes him down. Rollins with a major Suplex into the cage. Rollins goes top of the pit there and comes off with a Frog Splash.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:53:11 am UTC / 4 months ago
    The fight gets underway and the crowd with a huge “We Want Wyatt” chants. Seth Rollins is gaining the overall advantage going early into the match. Rollins follows up an Elbow and gets a Backbreaker. Riddle backs up on his feet on the count of 7. Rollins with back-to-back Superkick.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:50:46 am UTC / 4 months ago
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:41:27 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Matt Riddle vs. Seth "Freakin" Rollins: Fight Pit match - Daniel Cormier will serve as the special guest referee.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:40:24 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Balor with the coup de grace several times. Balor tells Edge to step down but Edge tells him to "go to hell". Ripley threatens to give Beth a chair, and Edge finally says "I quit." Ripley gave Beth the Conchairto anyway.

    Winner: Finn Balor
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:38:59 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Balor tried to attack Edge but was hit with a spear. Edge shoots more spears and then takes the bar from a steel chair to use on Balor. However, Ripley knocks Beth out with a brass knuckle.

  • 09 Oct 2022 02:38:25 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Rhea Ripley enters the ring and starts brawling with Beth. Beth knocks Ripley out of the ring, and then Edge finds the key to unlocking it in handcuffs. Edge spears the priest and turns his attention to Dominik. Dominik went for a handshake which Edge gave but then gave a low blow to Dominik
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:31:12 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Dominik and Priest attack Edge when they learn that Edge has an arm to use. Balor goes to the bottom of the ring and receives the Kendo Sticks. Balor hit Edge several times with a kendo stick.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:31:01 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Edge looks around and he spears Balor. Rhea shows Ripley and handcuffs Edge to the top rope. Priest and Dominik join Balor in the ring and they stand in front of Edge. Edge punches everyone for a moment as they approach him one by one.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:30:38 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Priest awaits the arrival of the Priest. Edge with the cloth to Priest. Edge sends Balor to the apron and Dominik and Priest place Balor on the apron so that Edge can take Balor to the floor.

  • 09 Oct 2022 02:29:55 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Balor from knees to ribs and not leaving the edge. Balor tries to send Edge to the chair but Edge reverses it and sends Balor to the chair. Edge hits Balor in the knee with the edge of the chair. Balor but Edge with an Ddger on Finn.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:25:59 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Balor with a Crossface and Edge wants to continue the match.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:19:36 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Both are back in the ring. Edge is still recovering, he eats more chair shots from Balor. Edge says, "I don't QUITE". Balor with a Russian Leg Sweep after setting a Chair into the turnbuckle.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:17:42 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Finn Balor gets Edge out of the crowd and now they are ringside. Balor looks fresh, while Edge looks nearly defeated. Balor with a chair shot into the ribs of Edge.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:15:59 am UTC / 4 months ago
    They are still fighting in the crowd. Now they are on the flank of the Exit of the arena. Edge with an Over Head Suplex. Edge is looking for more offenses, but this time Balor sides up and crashes into the railing.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:13:43 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Balor with a Sling Blade on the ground, meanwhile, Edge sends Balor through the timekeeper arena barrier. They are now fighting into the crowd. Balor was begging forgiveness from Edge. Edge plants Balor onto the ground, but Balor still says no. Edge disappears from there, and comes out with a Hockey stick. Edge now uses Hockey stick to force him say, "I Quite".
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:09:52 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Balor gets Edge out of the apron and plants his head multiple times into the announce Table. This is getting worse for Edge, but he still stays on and doesn't say, "I Quite."
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:08:33 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Balor is resolved on attacking the knee of Edge. Balor applies a figure four leglock, but Edge doesn't say "I Quite." Balor still have Edge locked in. Edge finally makes the separation, and Balor rolls out of the ring. Balor is trapped in the apron and Finn is unloading on Edge right now.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:05:16 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Edge is taking more shots early into the match. Edge plants Balor hard into the ring post. Edge is just ripping Balor into the cornor. This time Balor attacks on the knee of Edge and drops him down.
  • 09 Oct 2022 02:03:37 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Edge is the first to make the walk. Edge gets the massive pops. Finn Balor is up next. Finn Balor is wearing whatever Karrion Kross threw out in 2021. The bell rings and they entangle into the offenses.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:57:06 am UTC / 4 months ago
    "I Quit" match: Edge Vs. Finn Bálor (with The Judgment Day (Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, and Rhea Ripley))
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:53:43 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Bianca goes for another KOD but Bayley grabs a piece of the ladder into the turnbuckles. Bianca hits the KOD on the ladder piece. Bianca climbs the ladder and gets the belt.

    Winner: Winner: Bianca Belair (Retains Championship)

  • 09 Oct 2022 01:53:27 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Bianca with punches and then Bayley uses Brad to drag Bianca into the ladder. Bianca gets up and hits Bailey with a ponytail. Bayley falls off the ladder.

  • 09 Oct 2022 01:52:42 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Bianca sets up a ladder but Bayley hits Bianca with a piece of the broken ladder. Bailey installs a ladder in the turnbuckles. Bayley sends Bianca up the ladder and then hits Rose Plant. Bayley put the ladder on top of Bianca. Bianca presses the ladder and Bayley falls and Bayley hits the ropes. The two women climb the ladder and fight over the ladder.

  • 09 Oct 2022 01:52:25 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Bayley pulls off a piece of her knee brace but misses a knee in the corner. Bianca with a KOD. Bianca climbs up the ladder but Io and Dakota come into the ring and they push off the ladder and Bianca hits the ropes. Dakota kicks Bianca and Io with forearms. Bianca stops Iyo at the turnbuckle and then Bianca carries Iyo and Dakota on her shoulders for a double KOD.

  • 09 Oct 2022 01:40:39 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Belair hasn't recovered from that massive Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Bayley sets up the Ladder by using the Ringside barrier and Steel steps and then gets Belair onto it. Bayley goes to the apron and comes off with a Flying Elbow on Belair.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:38:14 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Bayley drives Belair into the Ladder with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Belair still writing in pain, while, Bayley sets up the Ladder and climbs on it. Belair is able to get up and she stops her from being on the top.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:36:23 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Belair now sends Bayley face-first into the ladder, but Belair avoids climbing up the ladder. Belair with a Suplex onto the ladder followed by a Standing Moonsault for near fall.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:34:52 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Belair with a much larger ladder, Bayley realizes it and goes right after Belair. Bayley is sent out of the ring. Belair is halfway off the ladder when Bayley stops her. They are now taking the fight outside of the ring. Once again Bayley plays the defense by stopping Belair.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:32:37 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Michael Cole said "Sasha Banks" just now. Both have a nice introduction. The bell rings as the match goes underway. Both women exchange punches. Belair and Bayley are dragging the Ladders into the ring.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:29:30 am UTC / 4 months ago
    We kick things off with the challenger Bayley coming out first. She walks in alone, we see Nikkita Lyons is attending the show. Up next is the SmackDown Women's Champion Bianca Belair.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:24:46 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Ladder match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship: Bianca Belair (c) (with Alexa Bliss and Asuka) Vs. Bayley (with Damage CTRL (Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky))
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:22:22 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Scarlett brings out Paper Spray and throws it into the eyes of Drew McIntyre, apprently making him unable to see anything. As planned, Kross comes from behind with a Kross Hammer for three-count to win the match.

    Winner: Karrion Kross via pinfall
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:20:00 am UTC / 4 months ago
    McIntrye clicks a shot right across the neck with the strap, Meanwhile, Kross does the same. McIntyre with a Future Shock DDT for near fall. Drew is going for the Claymore kick, but Scarlett gets into the ring and she confronts Drew McIntyre.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:17:20 am UTC / 4 months ago
    McIntyre fired up with a back-to-back Belly-To-Belly throw followed by a Neckbreakr for a near fall. McIntyre hits a Spinebuster for the cover, but doesn't get the win. Both men are up and they exchange punches into the midsection.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:15:48 am UTC / 4 months ago
    McIntyre is all about being helpless now, Kross gets his hands around the ring post and hits several shots with the strap. Both are back in the ring, and McIntyre eats a Doomsday Saito for near fall.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:13:19 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Kross is in complete control going forward, while, Drew is in deep condition. Drew with a Chop and tried to unload more offense, but Kross with a massive Cloteline right across the chest of McIntyre. Kross now drags McIntyre out of the ring and sends slams him into the announce table.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:10:54 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Drew gets Kross back into the ring and ties the strap around Kross' hand. The bell rings as the match officially begin now. Drew with several chops with the strap. Scarlet is playing a distraction game, Apparently giving Kross an advantage.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:08:45 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Jessika Carr is set to referee Karrion Kross Vs Drew McIntyre. Both competitors bind the strap around their hands. We see Kross and Drew fighting through the crowd. The fight hasn't officially begun so far. McIntyre with Belly-To-Belly Suplex. McIntyre drives Kross into the ring apron.
  • 09 Oct 2022 01:00:57 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Strap Match: Drew McIntyre Vs. Karrion Kross (with Scarlett)
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:54:24 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Ronda gets Rousey on the table and goes up to the top. Morgan finally with a Swaontom on Rousey through the table for near fall. This time Rousey with an Armbar, Meanwhile, Morgan tries to get out of the Armbar with a Powerbomb, but Ronda still gets a strong hold. This Morgan is fainting and the referee calls it off with Ronda regaining the title.

    Winner: Ronda Rousey via Submission.
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:50:32 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Morgan sets up some chair shots on Rousey. Morgan hands over the chair to Rousey and come off with a Code Red for near fall. Ronda is down, while, Morgan cares about the Table and she sets it up against the turnbuckle.
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:48:53 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Rousey and Morgan are now fighting outside of the ring. Morgan uses a Steel chair to their advantage. Rousey and Morgan both get back into the ring. Morgan with a Backbreaker and goes for the cover, but Rousey kicks out.
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:47:09 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Rousey has the Baseball bat and she has been pummeling Morgan with it. Morgan somehow gets out of the offense and gets Rousey back into the ring. Morgan brings out a Table and sets it up in the cornor, but she is unable to plant Rousey through it.,
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:45:01 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Ronda Rousey steps out of the ring, meanwhile, Morgan goes for a baseball kick, but Rousey sides out and covers Morgan with the ring post poster. Morgan uses Fire Extinguisher to distract Rousey. Morgan looks to hurt Rousey when she comes flying from the ring steps, but Rousey has the bat, and she plants it on Morgan.
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:42:11 am UTC / 4 months ago
    The bell rings and the match is underway, Morgan has the bat and she goes after it, but Rousey isolates her. Rousey with a knee into the midsection goes for an Ankle lock which Morgan immediately avoids.
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:36:20 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Extreme Rules match for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship: Liv Morgan (c) vs. Ronda Rousey
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:29:35 am UTC / 4 months ago

    Butch and Holland hit Vinci and Kaiser with their own shillelaghs. Sheamus tries for the Celtic Cross through the table and he gets to hit it. Sheamus sets for the Brogue Kick on Vinci while Holland and Butch hold him. Sheamus connects with the Brogue Kick for the cover and wins it.

    Winner: Brawling Brutes via pinfall

  • 09 Oct 2022 12:28:11 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Sheamus adds punches while Gunther adds chops. They both go down. Both teams are in the ring to discuss strategy. They rise and Kaiser with a reverse suplex. Sheamus with knees to Gunther and Vinci kicks Sheamus out of the ring. Caesar and Vinci work on Sheamus. Ludwig and Giovanni adjust the declaration table.
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:28:04 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Gunther tries to reach the ropes but the rules make no difference. Caesar hits Sheamus in the back with Shilagh and forces Sheamus to release the hold. Gunther gets a near fall. Kaiser and Butch are the first two on their feet. Holland and Vinci also get up and the four-fight with each other. They reach the mat and Gunther and Sheamus get up for forearms.

  • 09 Oct 2022 12:27:38 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Holland with an uppercut to Vinci. Vinci with an Irish whip and clothesline. He sets up for the Imperium Bomb on Holland but Ridge with a back body drop. Butch with a forearm to Kaiser as he comes out of the turnbuckle. Gunther with a double drop kick. Sheamus with an Irish Curse and he's ready for Cloverleaf.
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:27:31 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Sheamus with a power slam. Sheamus goes for Ten Beats of Bowery and Gunther fights him but Sheamus won't refuse. Butch and Holland join in with punches and kicks of their own. Sheamus lifts Gunther up for the White Noise and hits him. Sheamus Brough with kicks but Vinci with the Springboard Splash to break the cover.

  • 09 Oct 2022 12:27:20 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Vinci brings Butch back into the ring. Kaiser grabs Butch by the hair and Gunther cuts him off. Sheamus is back and he forces the Imperium to stop. Gunther wants Sheamus to come in the ring and Sheamus refuses. They exchange forearms and Gunther with a German suplex.

  • 09 Oct 2022 12:26:30 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Gunther tells Vinci and Caesar to go after Butch and Butch besieged. Butch with Gunther's front but Kaiser and Vinci attack Butch. Gunther puts Butch on the turnbuckle and cuts him off. Gunther chokes Butch while Kaiser and Vinci hit a double drop kick. Imperium currency in the ring.
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:26:23 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Butch eats punches from Vinci. Kaiser also gets in and attacks Butch. Holland intercepts a kick from Kaiser and then he picks up both Kaiser and Vinci for a back drop. Gunther with a boot to Holland. Kaiser and Vinci descend from the apron to the floor with an Imperium Bomb.

  • 09 Oct 2022 12:24:43 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Gunther with a massive Boot to the head of Sheamus. Gunther isn't done here and he hits Sheamus with a Backdrop driver into the bar. Holland eats a massive Boot from Gunther, while Kaiser kicks Butch.
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:22:53 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Now we see, All three members of the Imperium attack Sheamus. Sheamus is sent into the ring steps. Vinci sends Butch into the ringside barrier and it goes down. We see, Gunther, chop down Sheamus many times in the chest, while Kaiser and Vinci are holding Sheamus.

  • 09 Oct 2022 12:19:11 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Sheamus and Ridge are holding Kaiser for Butch to deliver a dropkick to Kaiser. Gunther kicks Holland. Sheamus is sent into the ring post by Vinci. Kaiser hits Butch on the floor with a turnbuckle.
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:18:00 am UTC / 4 months ago
    The bell rings and all six men get into a fight. Vinci and Butch get out of the ring and Butch plants Vinci a punch on the announce table. Kaiser gets an Uppercut on Holland, but Holland instead with a Butterfly Suplex.

  • 09 Oct 2022 12:06:03 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Six-man tag team Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook match: The Brawling Brutes (Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch) vs. Imperium (Gunther, Ludwig Kaiser, and Giovanni Vinci).
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:03:40 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Peter talks about Wrestlemania 13 and bringing in Ken Shamrock to be referee. Booker says Shamrock should have been the ref tonight.

  • 09 Oct 2022 12:03:32 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Booker says Cormier might be a bit biased because of his past with Riddle. Booker says Riddle has a comfort zone, but Seth has been doing some of his best work this year.
  • 09 Oct 2022 12:02:58 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Peter picks Imperium.

    We take a look at the Fight Pit Match.

  • 09 Oct 2022 12:02:27 am UTC / 4 months ago
    Booker says the first match between Gunther and Sheamus could be match of the year and he says last night was no different. Gunther is a hell of an athlete and he is more traditional. Booker says The Brawlers will come to fight and they will take it out on Imperium. He picks the Brutes.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:51:41 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    Booker says Kross is special.

    We take a look at the Donnybrook Match with a video package.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:51:11 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    Peter says He says this is not the tap-the-corners strap match, it is pinfall or submission. Booker picks Kross. Peter says Kross is fresher. Jerry picks Drew. He has been doing so much to stay in the title picture. If Drew loses, he is out of that picture.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:49:34 pm UTC / 4 months ago
  • 08 Oct 2022 11:44:09 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    We take a look at the Strap Match with a video package.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:44:01 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    Peter and Booker say they like Sami.

    Peter says Logan is trying to set up the division in the Bloodline.

    Booker says if you are going to shoot your shot, shoot at the biggest dog in the yard. Everyone has a puncher’s chance, but anything can happen.
  • 08 Oct 2022 11:42:53 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    We take a look at the video package for the upcoming Logan Paul and Roman Reigns match at Crown Jewel.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:42:28 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    Peter says that Ronda has to take advantage of the stipulation.

    Booker says Ronda has to lean on the judo to win tonight.

    Booker says Liv is going to win. Jerry picks Ronda. Peter picks Ronda.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:42:08 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    We take a look at the Smackdown Women’s Title Match with a video package.

    Booker says Liv is going to leave it all in the ring. This is a new Liv Morgan. Ronda better have her head on a swivel. Peter says this is Moving Day. Either Liv beats Ronda a third time and Ronda is no longer a contender or Ronda wins and Liv’s reign was not as special.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:29:58 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    Lawler goes with Edge. Booker says this will be Edge’s final match and he will be done after tonight. Peter picks Balor.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:29:24 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    Booker says he loves Edge and he had his first Wrestlemania match against Edge. He talks about Edge mentioning the pain he feels. He says this is a young man’s game. Edge created a monster in THE Judgment Day and Finn has taken over. He says he does not want to see Edge get separated from his senses.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:29:02 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    We take a look at the I Quit Match with a video package.

    Jerry says he feels that he didn’t want to quit. Then Finn and THE Judgment Day got involved. Finn tried to end Edge’s career and that is crossing the line. He says he thinks Edge makes Finn say I Quit.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:28:16 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    Booker says he has been injured before and you wonder if you can do it like you did before the injury. Booker says Bayley is better than ever. Booker picks Bayley. Peter picks Bayley. Lawler goes with Bayley.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:27:13 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    Peter says he is excited for this match. He wonders who the advantage goes to. Bayley does not have to pin Bianca to win the title. Pete wonders if the ladder will be a factor for Bayley because of her injury.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:26:41 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    First thing first, We take a look at the Raw Women’s Title Match with a video package. Booker T first preview and says She was living her best life and then she suffers an ACL injury. Lawler says he loves Bayley because she hates Michael Cole as much as he does. Bianca is the best, but the ladder match experience is in Bayley’s corner.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:25:14 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    The Kick off show starts right now, Kevin Patrick, Booker T, Jerry Lawler, and Peter Rosenberg are in the building to preview the show. Kevin mentions that Kayla is under the weather tonight so she will not be here.

  • 08 Oct 2022 11:24:09 pm UTC / 4 months ago
    Welcome to’s coverage of WWE’s Extreme Rules Pay Per View from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Make sure you refresh the page for instant update.
  • 08 Oct 2022 04:17:39 am UTC / 4 months ago
    WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Match Card

    --Liv Morgan (c) v Ronda Rousey – SmackDown Women’s Championship – No DQ match.
    --Bianca Belair (c) v Bayley – Raw Women’s Championship – Ladder Match.
    --Drew McIntyre v Karrion Kross – Strap Match.
    --Seth Rollins v Matt Riddle – Fight Pit Match – Daniel Cormier as special guest referee.
    --Edge v Finn Balor – I Quit match.
    --IMPERIUM v Brawling Brutes – Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook match.
Here is the live coverage for The 2022 Extreme Rules which takes place on Saturday, October 8, 2022, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, marking the first Extreme Rules event to be held in October and on a Saturday, as well as the second Extreme Rules event to take place at this venue after the 2019 edition.

In an Extreme Rules Match, SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan will defend her title against Ronda Rousey. Plush, Bianca Belair and Bayley have each climbed the ladder of success in WWE to earn multiple title reigns.

Elsewhere, Matt Riddle will tangle with his bitter rival Seth “Freakin” Rollins Inside the Fight Pit. Drew McIntyre will tangle with Karrion Kross in a brutal Strap Match and many more!

WWE Extreme Rules streams live on Peacock in the U.S. and on WWE Network everywhere else at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT​​​​. In addition, get expert analysis with the WWE Extreme Rules Kickoff, Saturday, Oct. 8, at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT on, Peacock and WWE social platforms, including YouTube and TikTok.

To stay updated with all the latest combat sports news, add to your Google News feeds and follow us on Twitter.




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