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UFC 274: Oliveira Vs. Gaethje Results, Highlights, Recap, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

UFC 274: Oliveira Vs. Gaethje Results, Highlights, Recap, Commentary, Live Update, Winners

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UFC 274: Oliveira Vs. Gaethje Live Coverage, Pay-by-Play & Ongoing Results (May 7, 2022 )

All Live Updates

  • 08 May 2022 05:04:21 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Garthje with a left hook. Oliveira lands a big left. Oliveira grabs a headlock and pulls guard but Gaethje gets up immediately. Gaethje loading up too much. Oliveira with a right-hand plants Gaethje, Oliveira, down with him and he's trying for a choke. Gaethje up but Oliveira on rolls to the back and the choke is in.

    Winner: Charles Oliveira via Submission (rear-naked choke) RD 1, 3:22

  • 08 May 2022 05:01:11 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Round 1: No, feeling-out process, this fight looks a complete savage. Oliveira comes forwards and lands a big right early that rocks Gaethje but Gaethje lands big leg kicks and we are brawling right out of the gate.

    Oliveira lands a Big right hand that wobbles Gaethje again, Oliveira eats a huge left hook and drops again, Oliveira bleeding from his left eye.

  • 08 May 2022 04:47:05 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Lightweight Title Match: Charles Oliveira vs. Justin Gaethje

  • 08 May 2022 04:36:43 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Winner: Carla Esparza via Decision (split) (47–48, 49–46, 48–47)
  • 08 May 2022 04:35:44 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Round 5: Rose lands a glancing left and then a right. Carla shoots a bad takedown and Rose shucks away. Carla goes with punches and Rose lands a big right. Left lands from Carla in another exchange though.

    Leg kick from Carla, Rose lands a right hand but nothing to follow up. Rose goes for a takedown but doesn't even touch her with it. Rose shoots a double and gets a takedown but Carla is back on her feet before the bell.

  • 08 May 2022 04:31:06 am UTC / 1 year ago
    It feels like Rose won R4. The fight has 39-38 for Rose. But it's all the smallest of margins. Both are, in some ways, leaving this thing up to chance.
  • 08 May 2022 04:29:21 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Carla shoots on a single takedown, Rose says on, but Carla stays on the leg like a dog and jumps to the back. It was probably the biggest offense of the fight. Carla shoots a takedown and has the back with Rose sitting. Rose up and turns and reverses and they're up and Rose lands a right hand.

  • 08 May 2022 04:24:42 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Round 4: 18 strikes landed by Esparza so far. 1/6 takedowns converted. And she might be ahead nearly four rounds in. They want to stay away. But they ain't landing any offense to win rounds. Don't win the battle of defending takedowns to lose a war ... this is a coin flip right now.
  • 08 May 2022 04:21:33 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Feints from both women and they are standing closer to one another but still no action. Carla shoots and fails but lands a kick on the break. Carla drops a takedown and gets it but Rose is immediately back up. Carla lands a left hand.

    Both women swing and miss. Action is at least starting to pick up. And Rose lands a left. Boo are out in force now as Carla shoots an awful takedown and barely touches Rose.

  • 08 May 2022 04:20:06 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Round 3:

  • 08 May 2022 04:16:13 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Esparza finally finds something she likes and shoots a single! She gets in on it but Rose shucks it off. We're about to close the round and nothing has happened. Rose lands a left hand and immediately steps back. While Carla lands a low kick. Carla lands a front kick at the end of the round.

  • 08 May 2022 04:14:19 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Round 2: Through 90 seconds, nothing has happened, it's a feeling-out process. No strikes have landed through 2 minutes. Carla tries to step in but Rose moves away. Halfway mark and still no strikes landed.
  • 08 May 2022 04:11:23 am UTC / 1 year ago
    The round is about to end and the fans are still waiting for high strikes. Rose keeps the range and Carla is content to stay outside. Carla is not closing and Rose is staying away.

  • 08 May 2022 04:10:09 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Round 1: We start off the first round with Both women coming out in orthodox. Both women are staying within range. The fight is going through an empty process, No strikes have landed through 2 minutes.

    Carla lands a left hand with Rose looks to counter. Rose to pop a jab out there. Carla does land a low kick though. Maybe that's a path forward.

  • 08 May 2022 03:52:45 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Women's Strawweight: Rose Namajunas (c) Vs. Carla Esparza
  • 08 May 2022 03:44:35 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Round 2: Ferguson takes the center and Chandler's right eye is massively swollen. Michael Chandler with a Front kick and that's it. Ferguson is done!

    Winner: Michael Chandler via KO (front kick) RD 2, 0:17

  • 08 May 2022 03:42:27 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Nothing yet because Ferguson's legs are in the way and he nearly gets a sweep Chandler stays in his base and now Chandler gets some big shots off.

    Chandler tries to get shots off but he's staying right now. Chandler lands An punch though that opens up Ferguson so both men are bleeding and the horn sounds.

  • 08 May 2022 03:41:13 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Lightweight: Michael Chandler Vs. Tony Ferguson

    Round 1: Ferguson lands with hands but not committing yet. Chandler throws some leg kicks and Ferguson looks for counter elbows. A jab from Ferguson sits Chandler down, Chandler stumbling back and Ferguson trying to find a big shot.

    Chandler is in retreat. Ferguson lands a sharp left hook and Chandler explodes into a power-double and gets the takedown.

  • 08 May 2022 03:21:26 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Winner: Ovince Saint Preux via Decision (split) (28–29, 29–28, 30–27)
  • 08 May 2022 03:21:06 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Round 3 Maurício Rua starts the round on the lead. Saint Preux gets a clinch and backs Shogun up to the fence. Saint Preux is still on to land those body shots. Saint Preux kicks the body. But allows Maurício to take the center. Odd.

    Maurício Rua with some leg kicks. Wild combo that misses. OMaurício Rua just straight up jogs backward. The horn sounds and OSP has a limp, meaning those kicks were taking effect.

  • 08 May 2022 03:13:37 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Round 2 Saint Preux starts off the second round with a couple of kicks, including a head kick that misses. No high-fly offense in the opening minute, Shogun with low kicks and counter hooks.

    Maurício lands a pretty good counter hook off a kick. Maurício hits him to the body and goes with a right hand up top that OSP retreats from. Maurício lands a strong leg kick off it. Maurício left hand from OSP comes in and it had some heat on it.

  • 08 May 2022 03:07:19 am UTC / 1 year ago
  • 08 May 2022 03:06:26 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Round 1: Shogun opens up the fight with some low kicks. OSP is feinting his own kick from the back foot but has only fired it once. But OSP landing some more push kicks to the body and that's starting to mark Shogun up.

    A couple of kicks from both men now, Shogun takes a couple of charging runs in. Shogun landing some hooks, and those low kicks.

  • 08 May 2022 02:52:42 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Light Heavyweight: Maurício Rua vs. Ovince Saint Preux
  • 08 May 2022 02:47:06 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Only 40 seconds left...Brown goes for a takedown and he gets it. Brown gets the Thai plum and lands some big knees. Williams throws a superman punch that misses and that's the final strike of the fight that matters.

    Winner: Randy Brown via Decision (split) (29–28, 28–29, 29–28)

  • 08 May 2022 02:45:35 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Round 3 Williams eats a front kick to the face. Hell of a chin from Williams to eat that and keep on trucking. Williams is getting backed up with Brown opening up. Williams still not punishing him for his dips and sways.

    Williams with a right hand and drops Brown. Williams is on top of him. Brown works an underhook though and gets up and he BLASTS Williams with a right hand that has him in serious trouble. Brown goes for a huge swing, but misses.

  • 08 May 2022 02:43:13 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Round 2 We are in the second round, Brown lands a sharp double jab and gets Williams backing up. Williams lands on the body. Brown again sticking a jab. Williams looks very uncomfortable in there now and he charges forward and gets a clinch.

    Brown is back to work with the jab and shifting right hand. Brown has also landed a couple of low leg kicks. Williams is still on his back foot, Another right-hand lands on Williams who charges in and eats a left and right that may have stumbled him! Williams grabs a clinch and the time is short so we end here.

  • 08 May 2022 02:39:15 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Williams with the jab, Brown with a couple of kicks to the body and head but nothing has landed and Williams charges in and initiates a clinch against the fence.

    Brown lands a right hand. Brown's legs have a little wobble and he ducks under and now Williams has a front headlock and he's looking for a d'Arc. Williams starting to get some leg kicks going as well and Brown continues to duck under shots. Brown shoots a double but Williams blocks. Brown is trying to lock in a guillotine. He's working for it but it's far off.

  • 08 May 2022 02:36:57 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Welterweight: Randy Brown Vs. Khaos Williams

    First Round: The main event kicks off with Randy Brown Vs. Khaos Williams. Brown lands a good counter, both are men are staying away from the offense, Lots of motion and Brown takes charge for a bit but Williams lands a counter of his own and retakes the center.

  • 08 May 2022 02:05:26 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Winner: Francisco Trinaldo via Decision (unanimous) (29–28, 30–27, 30–26)
  • 08 May 2022 01:54:12 am UTC / 1 year ago
  • 08 May 2022 01:53:49 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Welterweight: Francisco Trinaldo vs. Danny Roberts

  • 08 May 2022 01:50:54 am UTC / 1 year ago
    --Catchweight (146.5 lb): Macy Chiasson defeated Norma Dumont via Decision (split) (30–27, 28–29, 30–27)
  • 08 May 2022 01:11:02 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Preliminary card (ESPN / ESPN+) Results

    --Flyweight: Brandon Royval defeated Matt Schnell vi aSubmission (guillotine choke) RD 1, 2:14
    --Heavyweight: Blagoy Ivanov defeated Marcos Rogério de Lima via Decision (unanimous) (29–28, 29–28, 29–28)
  • 08 May 2022 01:09:36 am UTC / 1 year ago
    --Welterweight: André Fialho defeated Cameron VanCamp via KO (punch) RD 1, 2:35
  • 08 May 2022 01:08:59 am UTC / 1 year ago
    --Women's Flyweight: Tracy Cortez defeated Melissa Gatto via Decision (unanimous) (29–28, 29–28, 29–28)
    --Flyweight: C.J. Vergara defeated Kleydson Rodrigues via Decision (split) (29–28, 28–29, 29–28)
  • 08 May 2022 01:07:59 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Early preliminary card (ESPN+ / UFC Fight Pass) Results

    --Women's Strawweight: Lupita Godinez defeated Ariane Carnelossi via Decision (unanimous) (30–27, 30–26, 30–26)
    --Bantamweight: Journey Newson defeated Fernie Garcia via Decision (unanimous) (30–27, 30–27, 29–28)
  • 07 May 2022 08:36:58 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Main card

    --Lightweight: Charles Oliveira vs. Justin Gaethje
    --Women's Strawweight: Rose Namajunas (c) vs. Carla Esparza
    --Lightweight: Michael Chandler vs. Tony Ferguson
    --Light Heavyweight: Maurício Rua vs. Ovince Saint Preux
    --Lightweight: Donald Cerrone vs. Joe Lauzon
  • 07 May 2022 08:36:15 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Preliminary card (ESPN / ESPN+)

    --Welterweight: Randy Brown vs. Khaos Williams
    --Welterweight: Francisco Trinaldo vs. Danny Roberts
    --Catchweight (146.5 lb): Macy Chiasson vs. Norma Dumont
    --Flyweight: Brandon Royval vs. Matt Schnell
  • 07 May 2022 08:35:40 am UTC / 1 year ago
    Early preliminary card (ESPN+ / UFC Fight Pass)

    --Heavyweight: Blagoy Ivanov vs. Marcos Rogério de Lima
    --Welterweight: André Fialho vs. Cameron VanCamp
    --Women's Flyweight: Tracy Cortez vs. Melissa Gatto
    --Flyweight: Kleydson Rodrigues vs. C.J. Vergara
    --Women's Strawweight: Ariane Carnelossi vs. Lupita Godinez
    --Bantamweight: Journey Newson vs. Fernie Garcia
UFC returns to Phoenix for the first time since 2019. Headlining the event will be Charles Oliveira facing No. 1 ranked contender Justin Gaethje. In the co-main event, UFC strawweight champion Rose Namajunas looks to avenge her loss against No. 2 ranked Carla Esparza.

Also on the card, top lightweights aim to make a statement as No. 5 contender Michael Chandler takes on No. 7, Tony Ferguson.

UFC 274: Oliveira Vs Gaethje is set to take place Saturday, May 7 at Footprint Center in Phoenix, Ariz. All bouts will be simulcast on ESPN+ in English and Spanish beginning at 6pm ET/3pm PT with the ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass prelims.

The prelims will continue exclusively on ESPN, ESPN Deportes and ESPN+ at 8pm ET/5pm PT followed by the ESPN+ Pay-Per-View main card that will kick off at 10pm ET/7pm PT.

Main Event and Co-Main Event are scheduled for five rounds each. All other bouts scheduled for three-round.

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